NameJet Retiring Classic Design

Late last year, NameJet launched a complete website redesign, although the domain name auction house chose to allow visitors to use the previous iteration in “Classic” mode.

According to a message on the website that was posted over the weekend, NameJet will retire the Classic view, and all users will be required to use the primary design. NameJet Classic will be discontinued on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

In January, I posted a poll asking how many blog readers continued to use NameJet Classic, and I was surprised that almost 40% of those who responded opted to use the Classic design. The 75 votes probably didn’t produce a statistically significant result, and I would venture a guess that a poll like that had a greater response rate from people who felt strongly about the Classic look.

If you have a major issue with the active website design, I would think now is the time to let NameJet and Enom management know about it because in a few weeks, it will be discontinued.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. The new layout is visually more appealing; the flow, however, leaves quite a bit to be desired.

    There are elements I like in the old, linear layout as it permits faster flow of action.

    That being said, the benefits of change outnumber those of the past design.

  2. sometimes big changes hurt companies. in the case of, i think its helped them.

    in regards to another company,, dramatic changes is bad with many glitches as well. they lost a lot of business from me this year due to big changes and sometimes the most basic experience helps imo.

    • You should give the company specific feedback about what you don’t like and miss. They are very responsive when it comes to customer feedback.

      No need to do it in this unrelated article.

  3. Unfortunately, I will have to agree with Jeff on – they are a fine company with great culture; their changes to the front end (twice over) sucked. The back end suffered as a result.

    • What would you do to change it? Have you guys given them feedback? I know it’s not your job as a client to give feedback to a company, but if you like the company, perhaps feedback will help.

      No need to comment here though since the companies are unrelated and that will certainly take this off topic.

  4. i am simply saying sometimes dramatic changes on any site can go either way.

    i like still. there a great company still. i know is an advertiser here and you dont like my thoughts in this but lets admit this. sometimes these web guys make these big changes, they think its great and dont have shit with the customers. the new design and whatever there doing does not make sense. social this. social that. the only thing has it going for them is domain nabber.

    in regards to there customer care service, its the same as it was a year ago.

  5. BOOOOOOO!!!NameJet doesn’t care. The old site is so much faster than the new. It’s easier to find things also. But, as with all things, change happens.

    • I am sure they would care about speed, and the site shouldn’t slow things down. I hope you let them know you’re seeing lag because seconds could mean the difference between getting a name and losing one.

  6. How about some more transparency in terms of strange things that happen? (i.e. PreRelease backorders placed with zero competition, and three days later, the name is under privacy protection).

    I would also prefer the option to search by age. Oh, and I will be telling all of this to them directly tomorrow.

  7. I’ve seen that, as well, but in this case, the name wasn’t under privacy before, and now it is. I’m still trying to figure out what happened, because I was staring at the screen and saw that I was the only bidder on a Pre-Release name. I’d have no problem with the original registrant having renewed it, but the name wasn’t under privacy before. I will figure it out eventually.

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