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Uniregistry Promoting .Game at E3


Uniregistry is promoting its newly launched .Game domain name extension at this week’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) conference in Los Angeles, which kicks off today. Circling the event venue will be ten  billboard trucks with .Game advertising on them to help draw awareness to the new .Game domain name extension.

Here’s a photo of 5 of the unlighted trucks that was shared by Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling yesterday afternoon:

According to the

Uniregistry Brings Back Green Offer Bar


When Uniregistry launched its Uniregistry Market, one of the biggest changes was its landing page designs. The new landing pages were devoid of graphic headers that showed images related to the PPC links, and there were some other major changes to the font and layout.

One of the first things I noticed was that the bright green offer bar at the top of landing pages was changed to blue. This seemed to be a bit counterproductive since the blue seems to blend into the rest of the landing page, and mentioning that the domain name may be available for sale is important for people who make a living selling domain names.

A couple of weeks ago, Frank Schilling, CEO of Uniregistry, reassured clients by saying that there was just a marginal  difference in offers received since the change was made. In fact, he said  “It was up marginally in the first week I’d say 3–5% ..  “definitely” up tho week to week across the board.

I was just checking  on something, and I see that Uniregistry has brought back its bright green offer bar at the top of the page:

Uniregistry: More Offers After Landing Page Redesign


A little over a week ago, Uniregistry debuted new landing pages, which ushered in the era of Uniregistry Market. The graphic header was removed, and the landing pages all feature blue hyperlinks and a background photograph of a snowcapped mountain.

For those of us who rely on domain name sales as a primary source of revenue, the biggest change was the top of the landing page. The bright green offer bar, which had previously been bright orange, was replaced by a blue offer bar with white text. At the time, I wondered how much of an impact this change would have on the number of offers I received.

Because I have a fairly small domain portfolio and don’t park all of my domain names with Uniregistry, the change in the number of  offers I receive would not be statistically significant. An extra two or three offers could throw off those numbers. Instead, I asked Frank Schilling if he could share the increase or decrease in offers received in the week since the change was made.

According to Frank, there has been an increase in offers across the platform. “It was up marginally in the first week I’d say 3–5% ..  “definitely” up tho week to week across the board,” he told me. Frank also let me know about a Uniregistry Market demo that will be forthcoming on and shared some additional thoughts on the platform:

New Landing Pages Usher in Uniregistry Market Roll Out


I was making sure one of my landing pages had the proper keywords showing when I saw that updated their parked pages. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the blue hue. Here’s a screenshot of one of my domain names that is parked at DNS:

New DNS Landers

The bright green  “for sale” bar at the top of the landing pages is now blue, and the font on the landing page is also in blue. Clicking through on the “for sale” link brings you to the DNS offer page, which does not appear to have changed (at least not yet).

I reached out to Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling to ask

Video: Frank Schilling Shares Domain Investment Tips


Frank Schilling retweeted a link to a video I thought you might find interesting. In the video, Frank shares some domain name investment tips with Chris Burgess. He also shared a bit about how learned about domain names and got started with his business.

According to the YouTube description, the video was produced “On behalf of Cooper Mills Lawyers and DNTrade.”

Early Access to the Uniregistry Market Now Closed


One of the things Frank Schilling discussed during his NamesCon keynote was the introduction of Uniregistry Market. To be totally honest, I didn’t attend the keynote and can’t tell you much about Uniregistry Market yet, but as with anything new that is introduced by Frank, the interest level is high.

Earlier today, the company opened up Uniregistry Market for beta testing, and there was significant interest. The company has now closed the queue for testers because of the high response rate.

Here’s what Uniregistry Marketing Manager Rebecca Junck told me this afternoon:

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