Uniregistry to Launch “Greatest Product” on November 27


Uniregistry is gearing up to launch the “greatest product” the company has ever built, according to a tweet from Uniregistry Founder and CEO Frank Schilling:

The company is set to launch this product on November 27, which is about three weeks away. Frank did not offer any clues about what the product is or who will benefit from the product.

It’s interesting to see Frank make such a big statement about a launch. I thought the Uniregistry market and its Domain Name Sales platform was pretty helpful. I have been using it less because I manage my own leads now, but when I was using it I thought it was quite good.

If you have any guesses about what type of product will be launching or the market it will serve, be my guest. My two (obvious) guesses would be that the product is either related to selling domain names or something to do with the new gTLD domain names.

We shall see in a few weeks.


      • “Greatest product” is hardly a payment plan…
        My hope is a revamp of the parking product but I guess an internal Uniregistry hosting product is more likely.

      • There payment plan has to be done thru a broker, plus there is a $40 monthly maintenance fee. The broker gets all their funds up front, So if the broker is owed $2000, and the buyer makes a first payment of $2000, you get $0, they get $2000. Would be nice to have it self directed with a smaller %.

  1. I would image buy/lease/payment plan integrated into DNS landing pages and seller’s admin.

    Or…”domain ownership for life” on his gtlds.

  2. My guess is something around ‘instant liquidity’
    I remember Frank mentioning something about that last year on blogs…
    There isn’t a way to get instant liquidity for a domain name – like you can with stocks.
    So, maybe some sort of guaranteed buy price for premium names…?

    Just a guess.

    • See the TM filing, even though they don’t own the domain, doesn’t seem very exciting, I think most still want the leasing program self directed.

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