Hip Hop Museum Promoting its Museum.HipHop Domain Name


The Bronx, New York based Universal Hip Hop Museum announced a new domain name that it is promoting on social media: Museum.HipHop.

If you visit Museum.HipHop, you will be taken to its website on the long standing UHHM.org domain name. If you visit the Museum’s social media pages, you can see the Museum is promoting the Museum.HipHop domain name. From my perspective, Museum.HipHop is more marketable than UHHM.org.

The .HipHop extension is operated by Uniregistry. I asked Uniregistry founder Frank Schilling if his company reached out to the Museum to encourage them to use the .HipHop domain name, and he told me they did not. “Uniregistry had nothing to do with this rebranding,” Frank told me. “This is a perfect example of the passage of time and serendipitous discovery proving new TLD’s to be vibrant, valuable, and relevant. In 20 years .com will still be the New York of extensions, but New York is going to have some company. You just can’t fight the tide, nature, and what feels right,” he said.

There are a little less than 1,400 registered .HipHop domain names, according to nTLDStats.com. It is obviously a very niche domain name extension, and it looks like the perfect tenant found the extension.


  1. .HipHop is easily one of the dumbest new extensions. It is amazing anyone actually applied for that.

    Also, hiphop.museum would be better, and the .museum extension has existed since 2001.


  2. @ Brad

    Well, whether you (or I…or anyone else) thinks it’s a dumb extension is irrelevant. ALL THAT MATTERS is whether the end-user thinks it’s good – period.

    Frank’s assessment is on the money, as well.

  3. We actually love the museum.hiphop and have also reserved the HipHop.Museum domain as well. Both serve the marketing purposes of the Universal Hip Hop Museum. We appreciate your feedback.

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