Uniregistry Not Keeping Clients’ Expired Domain Names


One of the concerns I have heard people mention regarding Uniregistry is that the company could keep expiring domain names dropped by its customers. There are domain name registrars that either keep the higher value drops or did this in the past, and I have heard people express their concerns that it could happen at Uniregistry since the company is owned by one of the most successful domain investors, Frank Schilling.

Turns out, this does not appear to be the case (at least right now).

This morning while going through a list of pending delete domain names that are coming up for auction, I saw that TrafficAccident.com and TrafficAccidents.com were listed as pending delete. Estibot values these domain names at $15,000 and $13,000 respectively, and I think most people would agree these two domain names have value, especially to a law firm or auto body shop. When I looked at the Whois registration details to see where these would likely end up in auction, I noticed that both were registered at Uniregistrar, the domain registrar associated with Uniregistry.

This afternoon, TrafficAccident.com was caught by Veritas Domains, LLC (I believe it is affiliated with Web.com / SnapNames / NameJet I believe) and TrafficAccidents.com was caught by DropCatch.com. I believe they will now sell in auction to the high bidder.

I reached out to Frank Schilling to ask him about drops at Uniregistry, and he confirmed that the company is not keeping domain names that their customers let expire. I was under the impression the opposite was true based on things I heard, but now it has been confirmed that Uniregistry isn’t keeping the domain names that its customers let expire, even if they are valuable.


  1. Last month I let two Uniregistry domains expire horoscope.lol and horoscopes.lol

    They were regular price when I registered them in 2015 (less than $20 each or on sale for much less)

    Instead of renewing the pair for $40 – $50, I bought another Litecoin.

    It’s possible the domains will be restocked by the registry at much higher registration prices/renewal prices.

    Some GTLD’s I’ve dropped succeeded the redemption period in a matter of weeks, some took as long as 6 months before reappearing available.

  2. Elliot I don’t agree with you about uniregistry ,I was watching DBSSystem.com expired domain for the past one month,it was not available with other registrars,uniregistry is keeping that domain.I tried to register the name via bigrock.com but it was not available.

  3. How about keeping some of their employees, my last 2 account managers no longer work there, and support can take 3-4 days to handle an issue, unacceptable.

  4. You can expect everything from Uniregistry.com.

    I no longer write of his CEO and founder because what he gets well for he does not discuss his way of being and doing, he is free.

    It would be best to think more about your customers account and not hurt them.

    Although this news to 16 days of the event / conference in Merge – Domains, – Orlando suits you.

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