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Mike Mann Sells Business.CO for $80k


The third largest .CO domain sale has been recorded by Mike Mann. According to Mann, his sales team sold Business.CO for $80,000. The buyer for this domain name has not been disclosed, and the Whois record has not changed as of yet.

This sale will rank in DNJournal’s top 20 publicly reported domain sales for 2011, and it will also rank as the #2 country code domain sale for 2011, trailing Deals.com.au.

The only two higher publicly reported .CO domain sales that I can recall are O.CO, which was purchased by Overstock for $350,000, and E.CO, which was purchased for $81,500 by B52 Media. The later of the two domain names is on the market again for a cool half million dollars.

.CO: “New Way to Go”


Two friends of mine from Arizona submitted an interesting newspaper advertisement they saw from Chapman Ford in Scottsdale. The ad crosses out the m in .com, and states, “Arizona’s New Way to Go” which is used as a clear reminder that the dealership’s website is a .CO domain name rather than .com.

As you can see in the ad, Chapman Ford of Scottsdale uses ChapmanFord.CO, likely because Chapman Ford in Marysville, Ohio uses ChapmanFord.com for its website.  Interesting, ChapmanFord.US currently sits unregistered, while the .net and .org are registered and used by dealerships.

In my opinion, this usage illustrates why .CO is beneficial and why I believe .CO domain names are going to be much more commonly used in the next few years. When the .com is unavailable, the .CO makes sense, although you can see the company is certain to emphasize that they are .CO and not .com, which is important at this point in time.

I think this happens to be a smart move by Chapman Ford, and you can make a note on your calendar to check back in a year to see if they’re still using it. I recall that Bank of America used and promoted .mobi at one point, but that marketing seems to have disappeared.

Again, despite having a long term positive outlook for .CO, I am not currently buying additional .CO domain names for my portfolio.

Also, I am riding in a 44 mile bike ride today, so if your comment isn’t approved immediately, it will be posted upon my return.

Could the NFL’s Oakland Raiders and MLB’s Oakland A’s Play at the O.CO Coliseum?


OverstockHere’s some news that will surely excite .CO domain investors and potentially be a HUGE win for the .CO Registry.

NFL.com is reporting that the Oakland  Coliseum, home of the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders and Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics, has signed a deal with Overstock, and the stadium will be called Overstock.com  Coliseum.

So why is this interesting to the .CO Registry and domain investors who own .CO domain names?

Overstock is in the beginning stages of rebranding the company name to become known as O.CO. The NFL.com article makes note of this, and apparently, the agreement takes this into consideration. According to the article, “even the Overstock.com moniker is temporary because the company is in the process of rebranding itself as O.com.”

What this likely means is that as soon as Overstock has finished its rebranding efforts in the US, the stadium will be called O.CO Coliseum. According to a different report in BizJournals.com, the company has not made a final decision on this yet.

This is  publicity  money can’t buy. I am sure everyone at the .CO Registry is thrilled, and they should be very happy. Selling O.CO for $300k was the deal of the century.

.CO vs. .Net for Geodomain Names

There seem to be quite a few people adamantly opposed to investing in .CO domain names for various reasons. There are also plenty of people who believe .CO domain names are great investments, both in terms of current value and future valuations. I am of the belief that .CO domain names will become valuable in the future (I have a 3-5 year timeline).

That being said, I am wondering your opinion on .CO vs. .net for geodomain names.  This is clearly hypothetical, but would you rather pay more for Boston.net (currently on auction at Sedo) or likely pay less for Boston.CO, which does not appear to be on sale but I will use it for the sake of this question?

I know that some people think .CO would be a nice hack for cities in the state of Colorado, but I am just wondering how you’d rate city .net vs. city .CO domain names. Please vote in the poll below and feel free to discuss.

Overstock CEO Discusses O.CO


I read an article today, and I thought it might interest you. Business Insider interviewed Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne about the company’s turnaround, and among the topics in this wide ranging interview is the O.CO re-branding effort, which is has been covered at length by domain industry outlets.

I highlighted what I believe might be of interest to domain investors, particularly those who own or are thinking about buying .CO domain names:

“O.co is a shortcut to Overstock.com, with a different logo and layout. It has become our international name too.

“In television ads, we’ve introduced it as a shortcut to our domestic site, and if you type it in, you get free shipping.
The percentage of people who are typing it in is going up substantially, so you might see a new brand emerge. Or, you might see a brand morph from Overstock to O.co depending on how receptive the public is to it.”

“O.co is more consistent with how we’re trying to brand ourselves now, as a savings engine. It’s the simplest way to explain what we do.”

It’s an interesting interview that you should check out when you get a chance. It really digs into Overstock’s growth strategy and business history.

Internet Entrpreneur Jason Calacanis: .CO Contest to Win a MacBook


Jason Calacanis, a noted Internet entrepreneur and venture capital investor, recently launched a .CO domain name contest and the winner will receive a MacBook Air.

The contest premise is pretty simple. Register a .CO domain name and tell Calacanis your idea for a website on the domain name, and the best idea (as judged by the team at ThisWeekIn.com) will win. He even said the idea could be just one or two sentences, so nothing too in depth is necessary. Keep in mind that Calacanis may read your idea on the air, so if it’s something that can be replicated easily on another domain name, you may want to think twice about sharing it.

To enter the contest, send an email to contest@thisweekin.com. The email must include the .CO domain name and a receipt showing the purchase of the domain name, along with your website idea. All entries must be received by April 1, 2011, so get cracking on it if you’re interested.

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