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Unique Ad Buy – Bloomberg on Twitter


Bloomberg on TwitterI was going through my spam email message folder this morning, when I found an email from a colleague asking for an opinion on Twitter user names. I don't know why it got marked as spam, but it was in there. As you may or may not be aware, Google monetizes all Gmail emails with sponsored links, and I found one that was very interesting when reading this Twitter-related email.

As you can see in the image above, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is encouraging people to follow his account on Twitter. Not only was Gmail detecting my location via IP address (New York City), but it could also tell that the email was related to Twitter, and it placed a targeted advertisement on top of the spam email.

Over the past several months, my wife an I have received a significant amount of mail from Bloomberg, who is looking to become elected for his third term. He has also taken to the airwaves, bought space in print media, and now is advertising on Adwords to encourage people to follow him on Twitter.

Although I find political → Read More Founder Has New Startup


AppBank is a new startup company founded and funded privately by Fred Hsu, a founder of domain services company, AppBank is a social media quiz generation platform that operates on Facebook, allowing its users to create quizzes to pass along virally through the social media platform.

Although the company has two competitors, it is different because it has a revenue sharing model, giving its users the opportunity to generate revenue from their quizzes, which is something competitors do not allow. The company's homepage highlights the amount of money some of the top users are making, which is sure to entice people into creating more quizzes.

I always wondered if it was possible for these quiz companies to generate revenue by selling user data to third party companies. Perhaps these companies could create quizzes to test new products or services offerings in lieu of - or in addition to consumer focus groups.

It's always interesting to check in on people who have left the industry see the new and exciting things → Read More

How Fast Do Hot Chicks & Dogs Go Viral


By now, many of you have probably seen, a viral website with photographs from interesting folks doing their shopping at Walmart. After being live for a short period of time, a number of news organizations wrote articles about the site, and it took off from there. Millions of visits later, and it was another viral phenomenon.

When I first heard about the site, I didn't bother to check out the registration date to see just how quickly the word was spreading, and it was something I wished I had done just out of curiosity. This morning, a couple of friends sent me links to a new viral site as well as its sister sites. Some of the links might be inappropriately suggestive for some, although there isn't any nudity in them:




The links are for websites that have stupid funny sophomoric photos, which is probably why I found them amusing. The domain names were all registered between September 15 and today → Read More

Facebook is Personal & Twitter is Public


Facebook TwitterA few weeks ago, I received a message on Facebook from a domain industry friend with an urgent message. Apparently I had befriended a person who was posting Anti-Semitic links on his Facebook page, and my friend wanted to know if I knew the guy and/or if I had seen the links he was posting. The answer to both questions was, "no."

I receive a number of Facebook "friend" requests each week. I typically look to see if we have friends in common, and if so, I approve the request without anything further. I figured, if you're a friend of a friend, you can be a friend of mine. I had around 500 Facebook friends, and when I went through the list a few days ago, there were many names I didn't recognize, let alone consider a personal friend.

I thought about it for a few minutes and realized that I generally use Facebook to keep up with my friends. I was a late adopter and didn't really use it until a year ago, (although I established my account in grad school), but it has allowed me to keep up with high school friends, college friends, → Read More

Twelpforce & FanWoody: How Best Buy & TGI Friday are Building Facebook & Twitter Brands on TV


Picture 1A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about Best Buy's television commercials advertising their Twelpforce, a group of Best Buy's   technology experts who offer technical advice and support via Twitter. The most interesting thing about these commercials was that they weren't directing visitors to their website, something which they control. Instead, they were directing people to the Twelpforce Twitter page, which is owned by Twitter.

While I don't think there are going to be problems with Twitter, I just don't think it's a smart move to build the Twitter traffic rather than traffic to the main Best Buy site. They could conceivably redirect traffic from to the Twitter page if they wanted to do so, allowing them to control the traffic and analytics rather than a third party.

Recently, I've been seeing commercials from TGI Fridays, encouraging people to go to a Facebook page they set up, The commercial says that if 500,000 become Woody's Fan, all will receive a coupon for a free burger at → Read More

Social Media for Domainers


While I am away for DomainFest, a couple of my friends have written guest posts related to topics in which they are experts.   Yesterday, Jeff Behrendt of, wrote about investing in Indian domains. Today, Richard Douglas discusses social media for domain investors. Richard has a diverse background is systems administration, web development and security. You can read more about domain development on his blog or follow him on twitter.


Everyone knows how popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are. What you might not know is that these sites have matured well past the days of posting notes about being at the doctor, being stuck in traffic, or what you're eating for breakfast.

What you might know know is that savvy businesses are using social media to market themselves, get feedback from customers, launch new products, do research, and more.


Micro blogging sites like Twitter are full of up the minute info, news, events that can be easily searched for whatever your interests are. You → Read More