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Archeo Shares Info About Its Domain Portfolio


Archeo (a division of publicly traded Marchex) is a large domain name portfolio owner with just under 300,000 domain names in its inventory. You can visit Archeo's website to search through the company's portfolio of domain names and see exactly what types of domain names the company owns.

I want to share an infographic with you that was published by the company in its first Quarterly Newsletter pdf and shared with me this morning via email. The infographic illustrates the types of domain names Archeo owns at a high level, and I think you'll also find this information noteworthy.

Some of the facts I found most interesting are these: (more…) → Read More

Marchex Won’t Spin Off Archeo – Will “Consider Various Strategic Options”


MarchexIn news that was reported just after the closing bell on the NASDAQ market today, Marchex has announced that it will not be spinning off Archeo into a separate company as the company had considered. Here's what Marchex said in its press release this afternoon:

"Marchex came to this conclusion as part of a recent strategic review. The review began this summer after Marchex sold certain pay-per-click assets, which were operating under Archeo, in July. Marchex sold the assets to help sharpen Archeo's focus and market opportunity around domains, but as a result, Archeo's overall financial profile became smaller.

The review determined that the incremental costs and complexities associated with taking Archeo public at this time would be prohibitive, and that Archeo's value to shareholders is best recognized as a segmented division of Marchex."

It's a bit disappointing to me that (more…) → Read More UDRP Update


Miami DolphinsAs reported last week, the Miami Dolphins filed a UDRP for the domain name, According to domain registrar and brand protection company, Mark Monitor, is now owned by the National Football League (see screenshot below), although the DNS has not been changed nor the domain forwarded to the Miami Dolphins website.

A few days ago, I noticed that the status of the UDRP filing was listed as Suspended, and now the domain name has been transferred, despite the current PPC links. A Suspended proceeding generally means that the two sides either reached some sort of agreement about the UDRP proceeding or a lawsuit was filed to prevent a ruling.

Although I don't have any details about what was worked out in private, perhaps it will be reported in a future public corporate filing. Whois → Read More

Miami Dolphins File UDRP for


Miami DolphinsThe Miami Dolphins football team has filed a UDRP for the domain name, which is parked and currently shows NFL football-related PPC advertisements, including an image of a football stadium. In addition to advertisements for "Miami Dolphins Tickets," there are also ads for figurines and "Swimming with Dolphins Retreats."

According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing (2006 Annual Report) filed by Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX), the publicly traded company owns (as of 2006). Further, in the same filing, Marchex listed MDNH, Inc. as a subsidiary, and is currently registered to is registered to MDNH, Inc.

This is a high value domain name, both because of its generic nature (animal domain names are always in demand) and because of the NFL team with the same name. This is going to be an interesting case to watch with these two heavyweights going at it, especially because of the potential impact of losing the domain name could be on Marchex's bottom line. IMO, → Read More