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Domain Boardroom Celebrates 10th Birthday


Domain Boardroom, a private domain industry discussion forum founded by Donna Mahony, is celebrating its 10th birthday today:

I have been a member of DBR since Donna created it, and it is hard to believe it has been ten years already. To put it in perspective for me a bit, I wasn't even married when I joined!

Donna told me there are approximately 200 members of Domain Boardroom. She also said there is usually a list of at least 50 applications from people who are interested in becoming members of DBR.

Here's what Donna had to say about DBR on its 10th birthday: (more…) → Read More

Donna Mahony Starts Donna’s Blog


Donna's BlogFor several years, I've encouraged Donna Mahony to start a blog, and I am happy to report that Donna's Blog at is now live. I am sure I didn't have much to do with Donna's decision to start blogging, but I am excited that she made the move.

Donna Mahony is founder of Domain Boardroom, a private domain industry discussion forum with about 250 members.  Donna has been involved in the domain industry since 1999, and she knows most of the movers and shakers in the industry. I am sure I don't really need to give you much more of an introduction.

Donna was kind enough to share two well received blog posts about NamesCon - one prior to attending the conference and a second article after she attended. As you can probably tell by reading those articles, Donna shared some frank thoughts and advice, and I expect more of the same from Donna's Blog.

Based on a few conversations I've had with Donna, I expect that her blog will be filled with (more…) → Read More

I Went to NamesCon!! And Loved it!


First I would like to thank those of you who read the first part of this article and approached me at NamesCon. It's nice to know that in some little way I helped some enjoy the experience! I met you, I remember you (maybe not by name but you made an impression), I spent at least a little time with you. And I learned some important things about each of you! You read the blogs (shows interest in the industry), you remembered my advice to politely approach people and get to know them! So you study the industry, read advice and execute what matters to you individually..I bet you had a lot of fun. I know I did! Some of us even are on the wall together!

To touch a little on a point I made in the first post. I mentioned that you should not approach people with your portfolio in hand..get to know people. It was great..I didn't meet one portfolio pusher...there were at least a couple of card shovers. Flying through the room doing (more…) → Read More

I’m Going to NamesCon!! Now What!


Well, I made the commitment. I bought my ticket and booked my flight. Then a little bit of panic set in.

Is this your first conference? If it is and you're a little intimidated by the whole thing, this post is for you because I am too! I haven't attended a conference since 2008 and I only attended that one because I had a purpose so I'm basically a conference newbie too!

Many of you know I have a small private forum,   (more…) → Read More

Domain Boardroom to Offer Seminars to Its Members



In a post yesterday afternoon on the Domain Boardroom Tumblr account, DBR founder Donna Mahony publicly shared that there are going to be a series of educational seminars for members of the private forum. The online seminars will be conducted by people who are considered experts in those fields. I understand the seminars will cover topics such as SEO, social media, eCommerce, drop shipping, lead generation, Wordpress management, and more.

Here's what Donna had to say in her Tumblr post: (more…) → Read More