Domain Boardroom to Offer Seminars to Its Members



In a post yesterday afternoon on the Domain Boardroom Tumblr account, DBR founder Donna Mahony publicly shared that there are going to be a series of educational seminars for members of the private forum. The online seminars will be conducted by people who are considered experts in those fields. I understand the seminars will cover topics such as SEO, social media, eCommerce, drop shipping, lead generation, WordPress management, and more.

Here’s what Donna had to say in her Tumblr post:

Domain Boardroom in its on going efforts to provide greater benefit to its members will be hosting a series of educational webinars. This series will be by members for members as the community draws upon its vast experience and expertise in fields that both domainers and developers alike will find interesting and entertaining.

Domain Boardroom is a private domain name discussion forum that was founded by Donna Mahony in 2007. There are approximately 200 active members in DBR. If you are active in the domain investment business and would like to apply for membership in Domain Boardroom, there’s a form on the home page. It can take some time for applications to be reviewed, but they are all personally reviewed by Donna, and I find DBR to be an excellent community.


  1. @ Davis You can apply via the link in my name here. click on register. Be as complete as you can. Every application is hand screened and we get a lot so be patient.

    @ PJ There is an annual fee for membership. If you apply the agreement explains it.

  2. the price is public information. its under forum rules on the register.php page:

    “All DBR members are required to contribute US$120/year.”

    ^ seen here:

  3. All the information you need to be a successful domainer can in fact be obtained from resources that are 100% cost free, this is especially true since many successful domainers are offering insight on their own blogs, insight you wont find on domain forums or anywhere else… I’ve seen many domainers who pay to join these sites and come in with the attitude: “Teach me” and are disappointed when their not spoon fed the information they were looking for.

    I think the only paid web site a domainer really needs is, you cant earn a living in your trade if you don’t have the tools to do it with.

    • I agree about DomainTools, but a “newbie” domain investor who needs to be taught about domain investing likely wouldn’t be admitted to Domain Boardroom. I am also quite sure someone who needs to be “spoon fed” wouldn’t be permitted to join either.

    • Although an occasional newbie who shows themselves to be driven and hardworking will be accepted, Domain Boardroom is mainly for those who have already reached a higher level in their careers and are looking for a brainstorming, think tank type of atmosphere.

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