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Video: Braden Pollock and Nat Cohen Discuss UDRP Reform


One of the biggest risks to domain name investors is a UDRP. Pretty much any company can file a UDRP against any domain name. Hiring a lawyer to fight a UDRP can be costly (perhaps less so than not hiring one), and even with top representation, a UDRP can be decided in favor of the complainant.

The Internet Commerce Association was created to fight for the rights and interests of domain name investors. The ICA has some great informational resources to assist domain name owners whose domain name is subject of a UDRP. The organization also makes efforts to ensure the UDRP process is fair for domain investors. In fact, it was the ICA that helped to discredit and eliminate the retroactive bad faith theory that impacted some high value domain names.

During NamesCon, Braden Pollock sat down with ICA Board Member Nat Cohen, and they chatted about the UDRP reform efforts current being undertaken by the ICA. The interview was sponsored, edited, and published by NamePros. It is absolutely worth 15 minutes of your time today.

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Braden Pollock Named Big Brother of the Year


In addition to being entrepreneurial, it should come as no surprise that Braden Pollock is also known for his philanthropy. Braden has been a Big Brother for many years, and he is also involved in a host of other philanthropic activities, including being a board member at the non-profit organization.

On February 7, Braden will be honored by the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA) as its Big Brother of the Year. The organization will be hosting an event honoring Braden as well as its Big Sister of the Year (Lauren Kurzweil) and Inspiration Award (Marc Mostman). This annual event includes a cocktail party and dinner which raises funds for the organization. For those who are unaware, Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs participants with an older Big Brother or Big Sister who act as a mentor and friend. I am sure Braden thrives in this role in the same way he is a mentor and friend to many of us in the domain industry.

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Why I Am Not Investing in .WS Domains


If you know much about me, you know that I almost exclusively buy and own  .com domain names. I own a handful of domain names, but the vast majority of my investments are .com domains. I don't anticipate that will change in the short term.

Yesterday, Braden Pollock published an article about why he bought a self-reported six figures worth of .WS domain names. As you can see, there were a lot of comments, and I think having a public discussion like this is a good thing.

This morning,  I want to share a bit about why I wouldn't invest in .WS domain names (at least not now).

In my opinion, buying domain names like these is gambling that Chinese buyers will want to buy them at a premium price above what I paid. Buyers based in China seem to be buying a ton of domain names, and I still don't understand the Chinese domain investment market. I have seen various extensions selling (more…) → Read More

Why I Invested Six Figures in .WS Domain Names


I bought a portfolio of more than 200 premium 2-3 character .ws names (CHiPs) because, well, I like making money :-). As every domain investor knows, the Chinese market is on fire. Not only are they buying up short .com and .CN, but they're buying up many, many other extensions. I think .ws is next. I shouldn't say "next", knowing what I know now. It's already happening.

The registry (Global Domains International) has been holding back all 2 character names, most 3 character names and most numerics. They ran a test and quietly opened up 4 character names for 48 hours. More than 2000 names were registered in those 2 days – with NO MARKETING! And who do you think registered them? Chinese investors. I'd say that's tell-tale.

Did you know that Wang Shang translates to (more…) → Read More

Braden Pollock Shares Domain Buying Tips


I believe buying a domain name for a good price is likely the most difficult aspect of this business. Domain owners can be difficult to reach, and if you make the extra effort that others haven't made, and you make a reasonable offer, you will probably have a higher close rate. In addition, companies that are successful in getting their ideal domain name may not have to settle on a different brand and may help prevent confusion for their customers.

Braden Pollock shared some good advice about buying domain names in today's GoDaddy Hangout with Joe Styler and Colby Villa. He offered some advice on contacting domain owners, making offers that are fair, and getting a good price on domain names that aren't listed for sale anywhere. The advice Braden shared can be helpful for people looking to buy domain names as investments, but particularly for people who want to buy a domain name for their business or for a startup.

If you have any questions you want to ask Braden or the team from GoDaddy, you are welcome to post them in the → Read More

Braden Pollock to Moderate NamesCon Panels


NamesConI want to pass along some NamesCon news to you this morning. Braden Pollock will be the moderator for several NamesCon panels next month in Las Vegas. Braden knows this business better than most, and I have heard that he has done a great job of panel moderation at other industry events.

According to Braden, "NamesCon is really shaping up to be a great conference. I feel honored to have been asked to moderate at the show. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in Vegas next month."

The panels will cover a (more…) → Read More