Daily Poll: Do You Care Who Buys Your Domain Names?


During the course of selling a domain name, I don’t typically do much buyer due diligence beyond ensuring they will be able to close the deal. I figure Escrow.com, brokerage or marketplace, and/or my attorney can let me know if the buyer is on the OFAC list or if there is another reason I cannot do business with the buyer.

My company doesn’t own many sensitive domain names that could be problematic in the wrong hands. On names that could be sensitive though, I would ensure there are contractual obligations for the buyer’s usage of the domain name that would ensure the domain name is not used in a harmful manner. Sure, I would prefer not to sell a domain name to an organization that does things I don’t like, but it could be very difficult to police that.

I am curious if investors care who buys their domain names. Do you?


  1. yep… i want it to be bill gates every time and my domain is a MUST HAVE at any price for him with jeff bezos a close second. other than that i prefer to sell to poor chinese students. makes me feel like a philanthropist.

  2. Nice to see which option is leading.

    I once bought a domain from someone partly to keep it from being used for something (i.e., social stuff, not merely to prevent competing with me or anything like that).

  3. Yes I do care. I represent some clients who own a few unethical/illegal domains, such as domains related to organ sales or hitman. These types of domains go against my principles, so I would not touch them. I will not contribute to these domains falling into the wrong hands.

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