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Daily Poll: How Many .Web Domain Names in Year 1?


On January 10, Verisign filed an 8k with the SEC with an update on the .Web gTLD domain name extension. From the filing:

"As the Company previously disclosed, on January 18, 2017, the Company received a Civil Investigative Demand from the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) requesting certain material related to the Company becoming the registry operator for the .web gTLD. On January 9, 2018, the DOJ notified the Company that this investigation was closed."

From my vantage point, this seems to indicate that Verisign will be able to move forward and operate the .Web registry, selling .Web domain names to the general public. Many people seem to believe .Web will be one of the top performing new gTLD extensions. For today's daily poll, I ask readers to guess how many .Web domain names will be sold in the first year they are available to buy. People may not be able to buy a .Web domain name for quite some time still but I am interested in knowing how many you think will be sold the first year.

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Phil Corwin Takes Job at Verisign


When the Internet Commerce Association announced that Phil Corwin was leaving the organization last week, I was unsure what he would be doing upon his departure. The ICA didn't announce Phil's career plans, and I figured we might hear from Phil via a LinkedIn update or something along those lines to learn why he left the ICA.

This afternoon, Phil announced that he will be working at Verisign, Inc. as its Policy Counsel. The news was announced via tweet:

This seems like an important role at the publicly traded company, and Phil's connections and knowledge of the industry should be a big help for him and for Verisign. I (more…) → Read More

Registrars Promoting .Net Sale


It looks like there is a big sale going on for new .Net domain names. For the past few days, I have noticed quite a few tweets, emails, banner advertisements, and other promotions from registrars offering deep discounts on .Net domain names. I would imagine Verisign is behind this marketing push of .net domain names, although I don't know for certain. I don't think any of the special promos are offering discounts on .net domain name renewals.

I am strictly a .com domain name buyer, so I have not bought any .net domain names at the lower price and do not have plans to do so. If you have an interest in .net domain names, it seems like now would be the time to register them since it looks like the special promotions end soon.

Here are just a handful of the domain registrars that have tweeted about .net promotions in the last few days, and I suspect there are discount codes at other domain registrars and even hosting companies: (more…) → Read More

Why Marijuana Domain Names Were Trending Last Month


verisign-logoDuring this week's election, there were four  states in the US that had ballot questions asking voters whether or not to legalize  recreational marijuana. Voters in California, Maine, and Massachusetts (my home state) approved their ballot measures. Voters in Arizona did not approve their ballot measure. Voters in Nevada approved a ballot question regarding medical marijuana.

Perhaps as a result of these ballot questions and the potential for the growing list of states where marijuana usage is legal, Verisign reported that several marijuana-related keywords were trending in .com domain name registrations last month. Of the top 10 trending keywords in .com domain registrations for October, four were related to marijuana:

  • Cannabis

  • Marijuana

  • Weed

  • Pot

The three  states where (more…) → Read More

GoDaddy to Advertise During Presidential Election Debate


GoDaddy Debate Advertisement
GoDaddy became a household brand by having risque television advertisements shown during the Super Bowl. Recently, the company halted its famous Super Bowl commercial campaigns, focusing on other marketing efforts instead.

I just read a news release announcing that  GoDaddy  will be advertising during the US Presidential election debates. It is very possible that the debates will draw an even larger US-based audience than the Super Bowl. Obviously, the television spot doesn't include anything too risque and offers a special price for registering a .com domain name.

According to the news release, "GoDaddy is putting its own twist on political platform satire to encourage all people to believe in their own, individual ideas while passionately pursuing their American dream online."

The first television spot was uploaded to YouTube this morning, and I embedded it below. I believe the company will be (more…) → Read More

10 Funny Donald Trump Domain Registrations


Every month, Verisign publishes a report with the 10 trending keywords in .com and .net domain registrations from the prior month. For the last two months, "trump" has been one of the ten trending keywords for .com registrations. This is obviously related to Republican US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Using Verisign's DomainView tool, I had a look at newly registered domain names that contain the word "trump" in them. I would guess that the vast majority of these registrations were related to Mr. Trump, and some of them are pretty funny.

Here is a list of ten funny Donald Trump domain registrations from the last 30 days: (more…) → Read More

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