Heritage.com Acquired by Heritage Auctions


Heritage AuctionsHeritage Auctions has (smartly) acquired the Heritage.com domain name. I would consider this an upgrade, but the company already owns the powerful HA.com domain name, so this is more of a complementary acquisition. I think this was a smart purchase by the company.

If you visit Heritage.com, you will be forwarded to the main HA.com website. You can see the SSL says “Heritage Capital Corporation,” and the company is tracking the traffic delivered via the domain name.

This afternoon, Heritage Auctions published a press release announcing the acquisition. In it, James Halperin, Co-Chairman of Heritage Auctions said, “Memorable internet addresses are crucial to today’s successful digital commerce, and acquiring HERITAGE.com is another convenient method for clients recognize us and connect with us.”

In August of 2016, I suggested that Heritage Auctions should buy the Heritage.com domain name that was listed for sale via Flippa. At that time, the domain name was listed for sale for $300,000. Although the company would not share the purchase price, my guess is that it was a six figure deal but less than the $300,000 asking price. This is just a guess though.

I think this will give the domain name auction team a bit of a boost. When discussing great domain names the company has up for auction, they can point to their own acquisition of Heritage.com. I would imagine it could be a bit hypocritical to suggest that another company “upgrade” to a great brand .com domain name when they weren’t willing to do the same. Now, the company can point to their own acquisition to show how it values a great exact match .com domain name.

Thanks to George Kirikos for spotting this change.


  1. Funny how in May 2016 I emailed Aron suggesting them to purchase this name, finally they got it 🙂
    Congrats, smart deal!

  2. Actually in my opinon although HA.com is awesome, Heritage.com is better for the public;regarding Internet identity. The one word has positive meaning on its own, plus it synchs, with their known public name. It is an elevated perception that also describes the brand. Like MyWorld.com is slightly more informative then World.com

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