Heritage Auctions Announces June Domain Auction


Aron Meystedt of Heritage Auctions sent out an email announcing a June domain name auction. The June 25th live auction will be held in San Francisco, and it will consist of 30 domain names. Specifically, HA is looking for one word .com domain names as well as 2 and 3 letter .com domains. I presume short numerics will also be accepted.

In case you have an interest in submitting domain names for review or bidding on domain names at auction, Aron’s email with further details is published below. To contact Aron, use AronM (At) HA.com.

We are still accepting submissions for our June 25th 30-lot domain name auction.
This auction will be held at Heritage’s office in San Francisco – 478 Jackson Street.
More information about the auction will come at a later date.
Once again, we will limit the inventory to 30 total lots. Our buyers are expecting unique opportunities
and attractive reserve prices, so that’s what we need to offer them.

Send over your one word .com names as well as your very short 2 and 3 letter .com domains.
We will market and PR the event heavily, and we will do our best to pull in the bay area media and high net worth buyers.
Auctions are about liquidity and high visibility. This is your chance to sell your names on the open market, with
a great deal of advertising and PR pushing your assets.

Send over domains that are similar to what we’ve sold in the past – and let’s make the reserve prices (if any) attractive to pull in bidders.
We sold 20 of 29 lots in the last auction (New York). The total is now over $1.3MM – with the post auction sales that occurred.

Names like:
Digital.com, Classic.com, Luxe.com and Import.com have sold recently.
Short names like NL.com, SIE.com and RSL.com are always appealing.
In fact, I was on Bloomberg Radio two weeks ago discussing the NL.com sale – and the domain aftermarket. Every bit of exposure for the domain aftermarket is good.

If you are located in the bay area, I look forward to meeting you in person!


    • Gd charges 30% + 4,000… A mark up that is hard to tack on. The seller must eat this. It’s almost a usury rate.

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