“Google” is a Trending .Net Keyword in November


When Verisign released its list of  “Top 10 Trending Keywords in .Com & .Net Registrations in October,” I was surprised to see that “Nike” was one of the trending keywords. This month, another popular and well known brand is on the list for .Net registrations.

Here’s a tweet from Verisign announcing the monthly list, along with a blog post that shares more information about the monthly trend list:

I don’t see other popular brands listed as trending keyword registrations (Concord is a geographic keyword in my opinion).

From my perspective, it is not smart to register domain names that have famous trademarks in them, especially. Even domain names with semi-famous trademarks should not be registered by people unrelated to those companies. Companies can file UDRPs or even lawsuits against the owners of those domain names. I don’t see the purpose of registering domain names with Google in them at all.

It should be common sense that registering domain names with trademarks like “Google” and “Nike” is a bad idea. Let’s hope people get the message. It’s 2015, and I am surprised to see Google on the list of trending keywords that were recently registered within new domain names.

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