Donuts Video Airs on Discovery Channel


The video embedded below aired on The Discovery Channel yesterday at 7:30am Eastern and then again at 7:30am Pacific.

Mason Cole, Vice President of Communications and Industry Relations at Donuts, told me this was a “produced feature about what Donuts is doing with namespace expansion.” I asked him about who the company was targeting, and he told me that “[t]he target audience is primarily businesses, but really anyone who would be in the market for a relevant, meaningful domain name.”

I think general awareness about the new gTLD domain name extensions has been lacking for the most part, and getting the message out there is important for registries.

Have a look at the video and let me know what you think.


  1. “NotCom”, LOL. All the new gTLDs currently are worthless, and will continue to be worthless, without exception. Every. Single. One.

    • Let’s be honest though, if you’ve read the news in the last two years you’d be aware that all the Chinese money flowing into domains (including,,, .TOP, .XYZ etc.) is almost all illegally laundered. Sure, it’s paying the bills for a few newbie registries, but it’s not real demand. It’s simply an easy way to get money out of China. At some point that demand is going to dry up. For example, the Australian government is now forcing Chinese buyers to sell real estate that has been purchasing with laundered money, and China is starting to clamp down on capital flight. The bottom line is that Chinese fake demand won’t turn into developed sites.

  2. lol

    How people will guess that Name Coffee is on a .Coffee? Will they know which words are actually available after the dot? To make sense, we will have to be able to register any .words that exists.


    Just change the way domain registrations works!

    Let us register mydomain.whatIwant


    I remember when I was younger, I use to insult people with a creative TLD idea.

    Like : http://www.COBY.Loser or http://www.Kev.Dumb

    – Make us Register What we really want –

    I don’t think we will remember these nGTLDs. I was surprise when I saw that .Marketing was here. I will probably forget it forever since I might not see any marketing made with it….

    For a domainer it is easier to remember Name.Coffee because we know or might know only a few of them. If there’s not enough businesses using and marketing a .Coffee website, people will not remember it. They will forget it.

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