GJ.com Sells for $694,095 on NameJet


The two letter GJ.com domain name was up for auction on NameJet this week, and the auction concluded today. The domain name  sold for  $694,095. This is the largest  sale at NameJet in 2015, and it may be the largest sale of all time on the auction platform.

Once the GJ.com sale is closed, it should rank as the fourth largest public sale of the year on DNJournal,  following the sales of Porno.com, 345.com, and the 7 figure sale of PX.com  (which should be added in the next report).

There were 211 bidders who were either bidding in or following the GJ.com auction and 254 bids were placed. There were 5 bidders who placed bids above half a million dollars. The auction was a public auction, meaning bidders did not need to backorder the domain name in advance in order to participate.

GJ.com  is the third 2 letter .com domain name  to  come up for auction at NameJet in the last two  months. In July, SX.com sold  for $555,050. Last month, XR.com  was up for  auction  and did not hit the reserve price. In that auction, the high bid was  $554,000.

It looks like the winner of the  SX.com auction is also the winner of the GJ.com auction. The high bidder in the XR.com auction appears to be unrelated though.


  1. As the story goes SX.com was bought by Namejet bidder “first” for $555,050 and then resold on Juming.com for 1.13 million a day later. If this is true then why in the world would someone sell a name on Namejet that ended up being bought again by bidder “first” and probably flipped again for a massive profit fairly soon.

    Why not bypass Namejet and get a chinese broker and sell the name in the correct auction setting for the most money? I don’t get it.

  2. The same goes for all businesses.People assume prices are accurate. There is always another individual who will pay more. That is probably the reason this entity pursued this 2 character domain to flip for double the profit. It happens often. Know a buyer? Know the right domain? Make a massive profit.

    We can say the same about Elliot’s embrace.com. How can he win this domain and then get offered multiple times his winning price? Because people see this domain just exchanged hands and now want to make a high offer.

    • I know the reason for a couple of the offers:

      – One offer came from an entity that saw the Whois change and had no idea it was up for auction.

      – One offer came from an entity that knew about the auction but didn’t know how to participate (or some other issue that prevented them from participating).

  3. Better yet, they now want to flip GJ.com for $4.8 million. They use previous 2 character sales to support this price. That is how a two character domain will eventually resale.

    • I get it but you would assume those that own 2 character domains study the market or at the very least watch it and would know now to bypass Namejet and go right to the source of higher profits when it was just done a couple of weeks ago. That’s what I don’t get it. Bottom line, just because you have the ability to own a 2 character domain doesn’t mean you have the brains to own a 2 character domain. If you know what I mean.

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