Recent Acquisitions

Recent Acquisitions

Although yesterday was probably the slowest day of the year for this website, today is probably going to be nearly as slow. I am sure many people are catching up on the work they missed to get things done before the end of the week (and end of the year), and others are spending time with their families or returning gifts.

With that said, I thought I would share 10 of my recent domain name acquisitions with you. As usual, the domain names mentioned below were bought in private or at NameJet. You are welcome to share some of your recent domain name acquisitions if you’d like.

Recent acquisitions:  

Recent Domain Name Acquisitions

I am always buying and selling domain names. It’s critical that I keep new inventory coming in even though I focus on domain sales. I keep a list with a small percentage of my company’s domain investments, although that list clearly isn’t comprehensive.

As I often do, I want to share some of the domain names I recently bought. Some were purchased in private and others were purchased via NameJet. I invite you to share some of the domain names you recently bought.

Recent Acquisitions

It’s been a couple of months since the last time I shared some of my recent domain name acquisitions, so I thought I’d share some with you. The names listed below were bought in the aftermarket, either via auction, through a broker, or in a private purchase.

The names listed below are a selection of names that I’ve purchased in the last couple of weeks that I haven’t sold (or built) yet. As you can see, I am not focusing on a specific vertical, and I am not buying “brandable” domain names. I stick to keyword .com domain names for my investments.

I invite you to share some of your recent aftermarket acquisitions if you’d like.

Recent Acquisitions

I assume that by now you know I am always selling and always buying domain names. From time to time, I like to share some of my recent domain name acquisitions with you. The domain names below were either purchased in private or were won at auction at NameJet. One of the domain names was bought via DNForum.

As always, I always, I invite you to share the domain names you recently purchased. You are also welcome to share why you bought a particular domain name if it’s not clear.

Recent acquisitions:

Recent Acquisitions

It’s fun to share some of the names I recently bought and to learn what others are buying. I’ve listed a few numbe domain names I’ve purchased in the last couple of weeks that I haven’t sold yet. All of these names were either bought in private or via NameJet. I don’t think I’ve done much hand registering lately.

I welcome you to list the domain names you’ve recently bought as well if you’d like.

Recently Acquired Domain Names

We all like to share some of the domain names that we recently bought, and I like to do the same on occasion. Listed below are some of my recently acquired domain names. Most of these domain names were bought in private from the former registrant, and a few were bought at auction. I keep acquisition (and sale) prices private.

I welcome you to share what domain names you recently bought in the secondary market. You are welcome to share other details such as where/when you bought them, but you are not obligated to do so.

Here is a selection of domain names I bought over the course of the last month or so:

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