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We all like to share some of the domain names that we recently bought, and I like to do the same on occasion. Listed below are some of my recently acquired domain names. Most of these domain names were bought in private from the former registrant, and a few were bought at auction. I keep acquisition (and sale) prices private.

I welcome you to share what domain names you recently bought in the secondary market. You are welcome to share other details such as where/when you bought them, but you are not obligated to do so.

Here is a selection of domain names I bought over the course of the last month or so:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I bought off a Godaddy auction drop. No idea why the owner let it go but it was developed at the time and with Online gaming coming back to the USA, I thought it would be a great pick up.

    • It might be as such to you kind sir. But as one having been involved in multiple sides of the business, I would suggest it is not much different that acquiring every other domain name, then the one you need for your immediate use. A good part of the world see ‘sex’ as a (negative) term too. But each was born,

  2. Got these for reg fee this past week: (Spanish for caps)

  3. I’d love a followup on HoneyBees down the road. It’s a good name, but end users such as BeeKeepers are a tough nut to crack. Probably won’t value it the way it should. But, it does allow for flexibility for selling (domainers, other end users, etc)
    Nice group of names.

  4. HousingLoans dot ca hand reg
    HousingLoan dot ca auction
    LuxuryRealEstateOntario dot com aftermarket
    QuintanaRooRealEstate dot com aftermarket
    CozumelRealEstate dot ca
    TulumRealEstate dot ca

  5. Today I registered:

    If kids can’t tour the WhiteHouse, someone needs to show them what is there.

    This could also be used for a political satire website.

    I will probably sell the name.

    • Not a very good name, why didn’t you take, it is available for hand reg if anyone wants it, much better name, and previously registered for multiple years.

  6. Really terrific names there Elliot! My uncle was a bee keeper growing-up, so I love the honeybees name the best! Honey bees are extremely important to our food supply and whether or not a beekeeper can afford the name, it has big potential value.

    I picked up this past week to add to the name I already own.

  7. In Your opinion, Are any of these any good?


    • Your VegetarianLunchIdeas dot com is probably your best searched domain out of the bunch. Next best site is probably CollegesInManhattan dot com.

      Movie Theaters in Manhattan dot com would be the better domain. MoviesNYC dot com as well. There is a big market for GEO movies, so definitely invest in them.

      “Motorcycles for Women” is the better domain. If you want to develop the girls site, then target the “women” keyword.

      Good luck.

  8. – It would be awesome if a major convenience store company would by this domain from you. They could turn this into an amazing cell phone app that people can use when traveling on the highways ,and byways across the United States!

  9. Hand Registered the following:

    Kim Kardashian had one on her show and have been getting moderate traffic on both.

    • Elliot,I don’t like the trend either, they are sometimes called “Vampire Facials” but
      there are doctor offices around the country
      that are performing them. Imo, they are rather “fadish” but you never know what a person will go through to take a few years off their appearance.

  10. Nice list of names.

    Elliot is very good on boot strapping his operation and done very well in sales. Now has this blog, dog website traffic,

    Give him a lot of credit.

    Will say this. If you think domain sales are tough try acquiring a pure type in traffic portfolio. Take away the top 300 domainers and most domainers do not get the value of type in traffic. People should read ricksblog

    Concluding pure domain sellers are very good what they do. They just don’t get type in traffic and the powers of it.

    Diversification for me and love my portfolio more and more.

    Some nice names above. Let the noise begin. People think domain industry will expand, I think the domain community will shrink and gtld non sense. Let the games, agendas start. Staying focused. Fuck the noise.

  11. Hi Elliot,
    Great buys on and Just goes to show there are still gold nuggets out there.

    I’ve had interest in the following;

    Not sure about you but I’m suspicious about Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo email addresses when people enquire, more inclined to talk/deal with a genuine business address. Then again.

    Cheers Elliot,

  12. is a nice acquisition. I haven’t found much of late worth acquiring. However, I did pick up a few months ago.

  13. I like

    I been holding on to these domain names:

    What ya’ll think.. I’d like to sell these off.

  14. Your best acquisitions based on search value are:

    Philadelphia Taxi
    Honey Bees
    Convenience Stores

    Chief Strategist is a good domain, as well. I prefer high search domains that deliver excellent hits with relevant content. I see the domains above as good investments.

    Convenience stores and Philadelphia Taxi make good directories. Good job with the recent acquisitions.

  15. I always find it interesting reading Ellits comments and have followed this site since i saw the video on DomainSherpa. I have just bought these domains and would value any opinions – Age: 5 years Age: 3 years CPC: $2.53 5 years old Age: 11 years CPC: $4.61 – Age: 9 years Age: 5 years Age: 8 years Age: 7 years Age: 11 years


  16. I must admit that after so many years, don´t get why people will buy or sell names that long in terms of characters… I guess I could think of PPC and all that s..t but seriously dazzles me that you guys have made so much money from selling them…

    Anyway I´m not a domainer “per se” so probably that´s why… and having received offers for some of my domains like LLL or generic never got an offer more that 100 €… I would love you to sen me to some article that will help me understand a little bit more… thanks in advance.

  17. Nice ones Elliot: &

    Some of the domains I got recently:


  18. I just bought –

    Global broad searches for “gyms in nyc” – 27,750
    Global broad approximate CPC “gyms in nyc” – 3.66 USD
    Global exact searches for “gyms in nyc” – 1,100
    Global exact approximate CPC “gyms in nyc” – 6.45 USD

    Think it is a good one?

  19. In the last few weeks: – Bought and flipped in the same week

    Watched a ted video and registered the following on spec:

  20. Those are some nice names Elliot. Thanks for allowing us to share. Here are a few .com’s and some ccTLD’s. – 1,600 exact searches – 1,900 exact searches – 12,100 exact searches – 49,500 exact searches – 49,500 exact searches 49,500 exact searches

  21. @DNM
    Thanks a lot for Your opinion.
    My personal favored domain name that I hand reg’ed lately is although still haven’t come up with an idea what to do with it.
    Do You think there is much sens in registering long domain names such as: Even though they make sens aren’t they too long?

  22. I would appreciate any opinion on these:

  23. For me recently I’ve purchased a and another

    Judging from the current sales database’s believe I got then just below liquidation/wholesale type pricing, leaving enough room to profit.

  24. Finally, I slowed my roll, and hand registered only 3 this year, but I’m not saying.

    I hand registered TaxElitism in November of last year, and created a boss twitter site with commentary on news about tax elitism. The reason the market shrugged off Cypress, is noone cares Russian billions of laundered $$ is going to be taxed!

  25. Those are mid to high five figure end user valuation and exact match assets that have aged well good for you Elliot.

    I’ve hand registered:

  26. one for you Elliot with your interest in our canine friends

    also which I kinda like and , nice for development

  27. I have been collecting some over the past few months between auction/reg fee/expired .. no experience at all are any of these any good or am I way way off ?

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