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It’s fun to share some of the names I recently bought and to learn what others are buying. I’ve listed a few numbe domain names I’ve purchased in the last couple of weeks that I haven’t sold yet. All of these names were either bought in private or via NameJet. I don’t think I’ve done much hand registering lately.

I welcome you to list the domain names you’ve recently bought as well if you’d like.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I recently purchased for very cheap and a number of bed and breakfast names for a business I intend to start. I think is a gem of a name. Just became a citizen of the US

  2. aquamarine is my birthstone… i’m a pisces. it’s a water sign. i don’t know exactly how but you should be able to make money from that one.

  3. ( will be making my spices soon) a dev site already as I love to bake(see the big crabs I caught!)

    all getting lots of traffic $$$$

  4. Elliot@
    I like



  5. Bought a few ‘smart-related [dot] com domain names over the past few months…


    Not sure if the ‘smart domain name trend is still a viable invest however, they still appear in the weekly Sedo/Afternic sales reports.

  6.…I’m lovin that one. Also SilverFamily for your own personal reasons is a good pick up. nice.

  7. Hey Elliot

    I like and the most from your selection.

    I bought Its my industry and it defines a huge sector. If I can’t sell it or partner with people on it at least I have the chance to use it myself as its my area of expertise.

  8. I hand regged all of these in the last few days.


  9. Picked up some names for two projects: and and 10 others in this niche with a couple hundred uniques per week in traffic so far. and 41 others in this niche with 2300 monthly uniques in aggregate traffic so far..



  10. I recently picked up these:

    Those are the first dot nets that I have bought.

    Great news is I sold a dozen names in the last several weeks! Some names that sold:

    Thanks to all for helping me out!

  11. Last couple of months, just some

  12. I registered the most domains at a single time since I started domaining.

  13. I recently registered, already had Could be the answer for clean drinkable water in the future

    • Thanks Chris. I was very happy to get it!

      I’ve already turned down a few mid-high $x,xxx offers since I bought it, as I’m not looking to sell, but it’s nice to know that I bought at a good price and that it’s seen as a valuable asset.

      I’ve got some big plans for the site, which should be up by the end of the year. It’s a really fun project and I can’t wait to launch it!

    • Thanks Raymond. Yes the cooking school looks great. I’m actually based in Australia and would like to attend one of Luciana’s courses in Sydney one day (when I’m not so busy).

      The term is registered in every extension worth bothering with (and many that aren’t).

      Incidentally, is owned by Marchex

  14. After several months without buying…(all the most common TLD)


  15. Hi Elliot – completely forgot about the auction. Great price
    Also aquamarine is wonderful name.

  16. Like in most industries, you have the manufacturer (hand registrations in domain industry), then you have middle man ( drop catchers and so on), and then retailers…

    I like to look at our role as Manufacturer, in the domain industry, I believe you call them hand registration.

    Here’s a couple we manufactured recently, Buy or See more by clicking our Name:


    I don’t like hyphens but some endusers buy them, especially in Europe.

    With the prices of tablet devices dropping,
    some in the industry predict that they will
    start offering free tablets with a paid subscription to their packages. Time will tell.

  18. I own and another local realtor owned and he let it drop a few weeks ago.

    I picked it up from NameJet and developed it into a website using Textbroker for the content and WP Genesis by StudioPress as a theme. I added a slider and learned a few more things about WP.

    I offer a free MLS real estate search and open house look-up.

    I also picked up and started a database for custom builders. I still need to get the kinks out of the website.

  19. My new hand reg from $2 to $5+ godaddy codes

    Brandable names:

    Dovii is a name of a fish……

  20. Nice pickups Elliot. Here are a few of my buys (private or NJ) last 2 weeks:

    Hand regged & this afternoon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Some recent(ish) hand registrations:

  22. Elliot,

    I’m glad you post your recent acquisitions and that you ask to see what other people are buying.

    I like to see what people are BUYING too.

    The only problem is that people don’t understand the difference between BUYING a domain and REGISTERING a domain.

    HUGE difference!

    • Of course there is a difference, much like there is a difference between milk, yogurt, & cream. But they all come from the came COW…

    • Thanks but don’t need a long article.

      Acquisition = purchased a domain from the current registrant.

      Drop catch = Purchased domain through auction or drop catcher that was pending delete or pre-release. If there is only one bidder, I would call the domain at “catch”. If there was more then one bidder then I guess it can be called an acquisition.

      Hand registration = a registered domain that no one wanted until time of registration.

      MUCH easier to “acquire” hand registrations.

      So, if this article is about simply adding domains to a domain portfolio, let’s call these domains “additions” but they are not acquisitions.

      Just my opinion.

    • “Hand registration = a registered domain that no one wanted until time of registration”. – Sequin

      You lied about the above. Not all hand registration is domains “no one wanted”, and you know it, that is why you weren’t just wrong, but you lied.

      The other simplistic definitions by you is, I guess Okay, but hand registration is defined as the way all domains start, period. The drop catching businesses have hijacked the domain industry, therefore, I am against them on principle basis.

      They now even let a few select elites sell domains together with dropped names. I am also against Registrars playing games with expired domain names.

      I believe ICANN should remake the rules where all expired names go to ICANN for 45 days, and thereafter released to first come, first served basis, just like unregistered names.

    • Agreed with Domenclature. Hand Regs are in a sense purchases or acquisitions, which can come from a variety of sources.

    • “…So, if this article is about simply adding domains to a domain portfolio, letโ€™s call these domains โ€œadditionsโ€ but they are not acquisitions.”

      I call it Domain Collection.

      Meaning buying hand reg as a collection purposes, not intented to sell.

      Just like collecting stamps, art paintings, sculptures…..

    • Frankly, I am most interested in seeing what others bought in the aftermarket. I know plenty of people who register hundreds of names a week, and having all of those posted can be cumbersome. I wasn’t necessarily very clear with what I posted.

      No harm, no foul, and no reason for anyone to get irritated.

    • @Elliot,

      You are telling me that you have,,, and so on…

      Those domains ain’t indistinguishable from hand registered domains. Sure you got got, even that can be be a hand registered domain. Now, I know what you are trying to achieve, and you can easily get there by asking for recently acquired domains that have, let’s say, an Estibot value of $xyz. You can’t be as elitist, and frankly stupid, as to mandate people purchase a domain name by a certain tangent. That would be unbelievable, right? Right! I know you wouldn’t go that low. The value of a domain is the value, regardless of how you bought it.

  23. Nice list of names Elliot. is one of my favorite from the list. Here are a few I’ve purchased

  24. Some Geo domains I hand reg’d recently

    Haven’t bought in awhile, so nice to find these.

  25. I’d like to suggest that you put a ball park range figure for the domains you buy.

    E.g. $xxx

    Knowing the types of domains you’ve bought is a great glimpse into what you think you can make money on but without a price range, I have no idea what kind of a deal you got.

  26. An interesting thought……I did some research that sold $2200 in sept 2012 and sold $2200 to the same buyer in medical profession…..

    So, I hand reg. with godaddy codes $2+

    These may be quite a valuable generic domain names……for new technology 3D X-ray Breast Clinic Screening device…….just my thought.

    • Yeah, it does sounds awkward, not as good as or

      I can only think that the same buyer may be interested to purchase the reversed version in order to keep away from other competitors in 3D Mammogram business……..

      Probably able to flip between $300 to $1500 each from tiny $2+ capital cost…..still not bad for profit…….

      The 3D reverse version still got some value eg was sold recently for $5839 in January 2013

  27. hi all, pls let me know your thoughts:
    thank u.


  28. please let me know your thoughts on my domains

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