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Internet Traffic Sees Surge in Names

I just noticed that Internet Traffic saw a surge in domain names that were added to its servers in the last 24 hours. In total, there are now over 680,000 domain names that resolve on its servers. It’s possible that there are other names that aren’t using this DNS.

To give you an idea of how this compares to other parking companies, here are the approximate number of domain names that resolve to their DNS according to DomainTools (rounded up):

  • Parked: 415,000
  • WhyPark: 239,000
  • Fabulous: 568,000
  • Bodis: 148,000
  • Sedo: 1,891,000
  • HitFarm: 386,000
  • Trafficz: 171,000
  • Cash Parking: 1,154,000
  • Smartname: 301,000
  • Above: 654,000
  • Domain Market: 187,000
  • DS Redirection (Domain Sponsor/Oversee): 1,957,000

There are other parking companies, although I don’t know the DNS off the top of my head. Keep in mind, some of the numbers above may not be totally accurate as people may use their own DNS and some type of forwarding.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good illustration of how much of an impact Internet Traffic has had in such a short period of time. From Name Administration to Fashion Empire?

I read an article discussing Aerin  Lauder’s aspirations of building a successful fashion empire similar to that of Tori Burch’s company. Of course, I was most interested in speculating how the granddaughter of the legendary Estée Lauder  would potentially market her brand online.

A couple of quick historical whois searches likely produced the answer. is currently owned by Aerin, LLC on Fifth Avenue in New York City. While I could go and search business records for the state of New York to see who owns this LLC, I think a historical Whois search may be even more accurate, since it’s possible that a manager would be listed on the LLC instead of Lauder.

A historical whois search from January 2011 shows the name has been registered to a person with the same email address as the current registrant, but the physical address was listed as 767 Fifth Avenue Suite 4200. This physical address happens to be the same as the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, and of course, Ron Lauder is Aerin’s father.

Even more interesting to me is the provenance of the domain name. In 2010, the domain name was owned by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration. Whoever bought it likely paid a handsome sum for the domain name. According to the NY Post, Aerin Lauder is the third largest shareholder in the billion dollar company founded by her grandmother.

Although doesn’t currently resolve, it would seem likely that the domain name will be used by Lauder, and it could become home to the next fashion empire.

Frank Schilling Denied Entry at DomainFest

Jeff Kupietsky and Frank Schilling

File this under funny things that you don’t see every day.

As you can see in the photo above, Frank didn’t have his badge and wasn’t allowed entry into the afternoon panel at DomainFest. CEO Jeff Kupietsky tried unsuccessfully to vouch for Frank despite showing the security guard his business card and proclaiming, “I’m paying for this event!”

After a few minutes of negotiating with the security guard, a staff member passed by and vouched for Frank.


Name Administration Successfully Settles Dispute After Legal Battle

Frank Schilling

It’s very frustrating to see a generic / descriptive domain name taken away from a registrant via UDRP.  Not only is it unfair, but it also adds to the cost of doing business, as a UDRP defense has become a risk that needs to be factored into any domain investor’s business model.

Back in late 2008, Balglow  Finance, a Brazilian company operating a sunglasses business known as “Chilli Beans,”  filed a UDRP for the descriptive domain name, The domain name  was/is owned by Frank Schilling’s company,  Name Administration, Inc. When the three person NAF panel ruled against Name Administration in November of 2008, the company filed a lawsuit in its Grand Cayman jurisdiction in order to keep the domain name.

I was just informed that Name Administration has prevailed in its nearly two year legal effort to keep this domain name. According to a release I received this afternoon, the companies agreed that  “NAI’s use of the generic domain name violated no enforceable rights of Balglow Finance.”

Name Administration has agreed to transfer the domain name to Balglow for an undisclosed settlement. According to Schilling,  “while it’s unfortunate that this dispute necessitated a trip to the Cayman Court, we are most pleased to have resolved the matter in such a mutually beneficial way.”

As a result of owning such a stellar domain portfolio of generic/descriptive domain names, Name Administration has been a frequent target of UDRP filings. Some companies wrongly believe they have more rights to domain names than his company, although they are most often proven wrong by UDRP panels. When I spoke with Frank, he discussed his company’s history with UDRP filings.

“We’re never looking to pick fights over IP rights and have really tried hard to do the right things in the domain name business, for a very very long time, but we’ve won 17 UDRPs.   That should say a lot.  Large companies often want what you have and don’t want to pay for it.   They try to vilify you for making money with generic domain names, and the UDRP has created an unholy intimation that holding a generic name for profit is somehow bad.   Well it isn’t!   Everybody owns something –  and when people challenge our generic IP rights we will spend whatever it takes to make our point that anyone is free to register a generic name on a first-come first served basis.”

It’s good to see Name Administration prevail in this dispute. I hope other companies realize that filing a UDRP for a descriptive domain name may seem like a cost effective option at first blush, but it can lead to a costly and drawn out legal battle if they mess with the wrong company.

Sunday Update: World Cup Final Edition

I bet that there are plenty of people who read my blog that are very excited for today’s World Cup Final featuring the Netherlands and Spain. Since I am a betting person, I will put it out there that I think Holland is going to win the game. Without a doubt, this is going to be a fun game to watch.

On to a few updates:

  • The New York City DomainFest auction list was released this past week, and there are some fantastic names up for sale. Of course the prices are very high for the best names, but I am sure Oversee and Moniker reps are working on connecting with potential bidders. Some of the better names are,,,,,,, and Full list can be seen here.
  • I decided that I am going to the DomainFest conference. If anyone would like to meet up, let me know. We may be organizing a pre-conference event, and I will keep you posted.
  • I received an email from announcing a Verisign contest with the winner getting $10,000. According to the email, “simply submit a 2-minute video or short essay (300 words or less) telling us how .com has affected your life. If your entry is one of the winning stories, you’ll win one of 10 iPads, $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000. The deadline is August 31, 2010—don’t wait to tell your story!” To enter and for more details, visit
  • There’s a new pet store in my neighborhood called Unleashed, which is a PetCo company. I spoke with the GM yesterday, and she offered me a table out front next Saturday to hand out magnets (at no cost). For those of you developing websites, these are opportunities that you should look for – low/no cost promotional activities. All you need to do is ask.
  • Some sad news to report… According to an article a couple of days ago in UK’s Daily Mail, a 30 year old nanny died from sexual arousal while watching pornography. Wonder if she got her “toy” on or
  • Big thanks to Arbel Arif for his Lebron James contest. I won a 2003 Topps Lebron James graded 10 rookie card for correctly guessing he’d sign with Miami.

Sunday Update – July 4th Edition

Hope my American friends are having a nice Fourth of July holiday weekend and that if you live elsewhere you are also enjoying your weekend. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!   Here are a few updates from the domain business as well as my company.

  • Does anyone else find it amusing when someone inquires about a domain name you own and then proceeds to tell you how “bad” the analytics are when you start discussing price? Just had it happen again, so I told the lady she should find a better name. Does anyone have a good reply to inquiries like this?
  • I am very excited that has been relaunched with the help of the team, using the City in the Box platform. The team (led by company Executive Director, Becky Kelley) took the articles and content I had previously created, added many more articles and events, and also added many more features to their platform. Not only does it look great (in my opinion) but there have been over 50 registrations on site so far in the last few days. In fact, about 5 minutes ago another company added a listing and asked for a paid upgrade.
  • The sales staff has already begun closing local deals, one of which is directly with the city to help promote their summer concert series. Not only is this something I couldn’t do before, but the signed deals are for greater revenue than what I was able to previously do with the site.   This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they are soon going to start contacting the 100+/- companies who asked for advertising information in the past year. To say is off to a strong start is an understatement.
  • One more Burbank-related bit, but also something that can be helpful to you, is that in the last year, over 5,600 have become fans of Burbank on Facebook. This has been a great tool in getting people to help with the site, including photos for the headers, articles, events…etc. It was nice to get a lot “Likes” after asking people what they think of the site, and we also received some suggestions. Having an engaged and interactive audience is important to me, and I think it’s one reason why this blog is so enjoyable to me.
  • I am excited to announce the relaunch of this past week, a domain name I bought a couple of years ago, which now resembles If I can get this new site to earn as much as, the ROI will be less than 2 years. My team will be managing the sales, and I will be spending next weekend in Newburyport, a great summer vacation spot on the Massachusetts North Shore.
  • One quick update that you’ve probably seen but is important to say nonetheless. Frank Schilling is blogging again.
  • Finally, Alan Dunn has an article you should read on his blog when you have an opportunity. You don’t hear a whole lot from Alan, but he’s the real deal and offers some sound advice.

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