DNJournal on Kevin Ham


As he always does, Ron Jackson has posted a very nice article about Kevin Ham. While most people got to know about Ham and his entrepreneurial spirit through Paul Sloan’s somewhat controversial Business 2.0 article, Ron’s article gets much more personal. This is a good chance to get more background information about Ham, and it’s an opportunity to see what drives him today.
It’s a nice Sunday morning read.

DNJournal: Oversee.net Founder Lawrence Ng


As usual, Ron Jackson posted a great article about Oversee.net co-founder and CEO Lawrence Ng at DNJournal. Oversee.net has seen tremendous growth with Ng at the helm, and much of the company’s success can be attributed to Ng’s upbringing and friendship/working relationship with Fred Hsu. Oversee.net has become one of the leading domain companies, with a foothold in nearly every aspect of the domain investment industry, including domain monetization, domain auctions, domain conferences and domain development. Not only that, but Oversee.net also owns 600,000 of their own domain names.
While many companies that have large portfolios of domain names attempt to steer clear of the “domainer” or “domain investor” label, Oversee.net seems to embrace it. The company is a co-founder of the Internet Commerce Association, and is actively involved with domain-related advancement. Aside from using Moniker as my registrar and attending DomainFest, I haven’t done business with Oversee.net yet. From what I have been reading about the company, I am inclined to look into opportunities to work with them.
Please see the rest of Ron’s article at DNJournal.com.

Potential Bias of Domain Price Guides


I don’t know think I personally know anyone who operates any of the various niche domain price guides, and I don’t think I’ve visited one in a couple of years, but do the owners/publishers own names in that niche? If they do, wouldn’t it be a bit biased to publish pricing material, where their financial holdings would be impacted by a change in price?
For example, if I own a whole bunch of names that begin with 123, and I start a price guide called “123Name Prices,” wouldn’t it be silly for others to read my price guide and consider it an authoritative source, when the value of my names could be impacted by what I publish? When it comes to domain values, I trust my gut and my own personal instinct. When I really need to look for comps, I look at the DNJournal Sales Report as well as DNSalePrice.com, which has an archive of most public sales dating back several years.
I am all for people building websites about smaller niches within the domain industry, but I think people should ask questions when looking at a niche price guide to ensure there is no bias whatsoever. Do the publishers own names in this niche? Do the publishers review all reported sales (looking at escrow/bank statements)? Are ALL public sales taken into consideration – even those that aren’t reported but occur on a public platform (forum, auction, aftermarket site)?
If there is any way a domain price guide could be biased, the person who is relying on it for accurate information should ask those questions before quoting the source.

Dan Pulcrano's Geographic Domain Excellence


Dan Pulcrano is a geographic domain pioneer, and Ron Jackson’s DNJournal has an in-depth article about Dan and how he was one of the first print media publishers to realize the significance of the Internet and take advantage while the opportunity was there. Dan made a gamble based on his research and gut instinct, and that gamble has paid dividends.
While traditional print media outlets are struggling, Dan has amassed one of the strongest geographic domain portfolios. Geographic domain names are powerful marketing tools, and Dan owns one of the finest geographic domain portfolios, made up of 20 of the largest 30 cities in the United States, including LosAngeles.com, Philadelphia.com, SanFrancisco.com, and Dallas.com.
After you read this article, you will probably realize why I went out and purchased Lowell.com and Salinas.com for development, and why I will always consider buying a city .com domain name.

Leland Hardy, Inspiring DNJournal.com Cover Story


Ron Jackson comes through again with a great article about Leland Hardy, scholar, professional boxer, sports agent, financial whiz, and owner of NewYork.com. Just reading the article makes me want to get to know Leland, and I think you will enjoy learning more about this brilliant person. Read the article here.

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