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Sedo Premium .CO Auction Ends Today


As I’ve mentioned before, the premium .CO domain auction being held by Sedo ends today in just a few hours. As of now, the following domain names have bids at $2,000 or higher, although most haven’t met reserves:

shop.co 20,000 USD
love.co 20,000 USD
casino.co 17,500 USD
news.co 10,001 USD
bank.co 9,000 USD
money.co 5,100 USD
shopping.co 5,000 USD
art.co 5,000 USD
lasvegas.co 4,600 USD
chico.co 4,500 USD
pizza.co 4,444 USD
gold.co 3,000 USD
football.co 3,000 USD
time.co 3,000 USD
solar.co 3,000 USD
ruby.co 3,000 USD
music.co 3,000 USD
oil.co 2,555 USD
law.co 2,555 USD
creditcards.co 2,500 USD
technology.co 2,500 USD
download.co 2,222 USD
health.co 2,050 USD
finance.co 2,000 USD
tequila.co 2,000 USD

It’s going to be interesting to see what types of bids the domain names receive in the final hours. Sedo has been marketing these domain names in a variety of ways, including radio advertisements.

Is Sedo Advertising .CO Auction on the Radio?


As I’ve mentioned in the past, Sedo is currently holding its .CO premium auction, now through February 17, 2011.  They are advertising the auction in a number of places, but one place I wouldn’t have suspected would be the radio.

Steve Morsa sent me a note today, mentioning that he believes he heard a radio spot for the .CO auction in Los Angeles:

“Heard a short (seemed like 15-30 second long only) Sedo radio ad yesterday afternoon where they pitched that they sold domains; and that they had a number of .co ones up (or coming up) for auction.

It ran on the most-listened to news station in the L.A. metro market KNX News Radio. 1070 AM.”

Wonder how much radio time the company may have purchased across the US. Seems like an interesting method to get the word out. Only issue could be tracking results unless they happened to use a unique url like Sedo.com/radio or something like that.

Always good to see an expansion of advertising channels for companies selling domain names.

$7.77 for New .COM and .CO Domain Name Registrations at Name.com

I just got word that Name.com is offering a special price on .COM and .CO domain registrations. The company is charging just $7.77 per new registration from now until February 12, 2011.  I haven’t seen a better .CO price anywhere else.

Name.com also released a spoof Super Bowl commercial for your viewing enjoyment:

Did GoDaddy Turn Off Premium Listings During the Super Bowl?


For domain investors who list their domain names with Go Daddy’s Premium Listing program, the Super Bowl commercial was possibly expected to bring a big bump to sales. With massive amounts of website traffic, premium listings should have received significant exposure during the game.

According to what I heard from a few sources, Go Daddy allegedly turned off the Premium Listings program at some point before or during the Super Bowl, just as the company was to experience a huge spike in traffic to its website. The listings are now showing again, but they were absent during the high traffic time when the Super Bowl ads were shown.

From a business perspective, shutting down the premium listings would have made sense since the company may have wanted visitors to focus  solely on new registrations. As a domain investor, this is a pretty frustrating thing to have happened.

When I learned about the .CO Super Bowl commercial, I recommended that people leverage it to sell their premium domain names at Go Daddy. It’s a shame that domain investors apparently didn’t get the opportunity to sell some of their domain names during the Super Bowl

GoDaddy .CO Girl Revealed in Super Bowl Commercial: I Was Right!


During the Super Bowl this evening, the long awaited and highly speculated Go Daddy .CO girl was finally revealed. In case you haven’t seen the Super Bowl commercial now exclusively on the Go Daddy website, the .CO Girl is Joan Rivers.

So, how many of you guessed it right?  I did – way back on January 11th on Mike Berkens Blog.

I believe the GoDaddy commercial is expected to air during the first half of the Packers vs. Steelers game. It will be interesting to see how much of a bump in .CO registrations there will be, and also, it will be interesting to see how many domain names were purchased by speculators and how many by SMB who will develop their .CO domain names.

Incidentally, Joan Rivers is using her own neat .CO domain name: Joan.CO.

Overstock WILL Rebrand as O.CO


Not to beat a dead horse about this, but it appears that Overstock will completely overhaul its company branding, and will be known throughout the world simply as O.CO.  It doesn’t look like the company will be called Overstock anymore, at least according to its O.CO FAQ page, which states:

The O.co web domain currently redirects traffic to Overstock.com. We are working toward migrating the site directly to the O.co. online domain for users. Right now, the O.co web address is used as a shortcut so customers can quickly access Overstock.com, especially when they’re short on time or using a mobile device to access the Internet.

This is a very risky maneuver for an established company. In the US, consumers know the brand as Overstock, so a change to O.CO might confuse loyal customers. They are presumably doing this because the company sells much more than just “overstock” goods, and the word “overstock” doesn’t translate well over multiple languages.

The re-branding effort is clearly forward-thinking though. Overstock is betting that in the next few years, consumers will recognize and embrace .CO, which will eliminate any confusion. Where the Overstock brand name doesn’t make sense internationally, a company known as O.CO does make sense across almost all languages.

I think it’s smart for Overstock to slowly introduce the new O.CO brand across its lines of business before changing it permanently. Customers will gradually become accustomed to visiting O.CO and hearing the name in marketing collateral, easing the transition.

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