1800MyWebsite Auction Canceled


In the event that you were planning to be a bidder on the Hilco Streambank auction for the domain names and intellectual property package related to 1800mywebsite.com, I want to let you know that the auction has been canceled. Included in this auction were the 1800mywebsite.com and 1‐800‐mywebsite.com domain names as well as matching vanity toll free phone numbers.

According to David Peress, Executive Vice President of Hilco Streambank, “we were approached by a buyer who was willing to make a bid materially in excess of the minimum reserve if we pulled these assets from the auction. Our seller agreed to move forward with the buyer on that basis.”

Entities that had inquired about or signed up for the auction were notified this morning via email about the cancelation. Anyone who made a pre-auction deposit to bid on the package will be refunded. The company had been marketing this package for over a year, so I am sure the offer that was accepted was substantially greater than the $8,000 reserve price.

As far as I am aware, the other auctions are still moving forward as planned.


  1. I offered 1800BuyHome.com, and I will include 1-800-BuyHome.com for substantially less a few weeks ago. I believe mine is superior to 1800mywebsite.com

    !-800 numbers are better at 7 characters to coincide with phone numbering. Example 1800Flowers and so on.

    1800BuyHome.com is still available if anyone is interested. I can arrange for the matching 1800 vanity phone number as well.

    Contact me

  2. Am I missing something? I couldnt pay someone $8 to take 1800mywebsite.com. Did it have a lot of traffic and a runnning business on it?

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