Will Broncos.com Sell Today?


A couple of weeks ago, I asked readers to vote on what they thought the Broncos.com domain name is worth. 32% of the people who voted think Broncos.com is worth $400,000 or more. Interestingly, 20% of the people who voted think Broncos.com is worth less than $100,000. The vote totals were pretty evenly spread out, so there wasn’t a consensus on the value of the domain name.

Broncos.com is for sale today in the TRAFFIC conference live domain name auction at 4:30pm. According to the conference website, the reserve price of Broncos.com is under $150,000,” although I don’t know the exact reserve price. As a comparable, the Cowboys.com domain name sold for  $370,000, as recorded by  Domaining.com.

Based on a published reserve of less than $150,000, do you think Broncos.com is going to sell today? Cast your vote below, and we’ll know in a few hours.


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  1. To the Denver Broncos, Broncos.com MIGHT sell for $400K…if they were interested.

    Absent the NFL team, Broncos.com is worth maybe $50K

  2. Interestingly, the Colts had “Colts.com” very cleanly labeled in their end zones during the football game last night. The Broncos should walk away from that game with lots of lessons learned and purchase Broncos.com regardless of price.

  3. If Pelicans.com sold for 125k then this domain is worth at least that to the end user. Cowboys.com was worth the money because it could be used for more than just a football site. What would Broncos.com be used for other than a football site for Denver. If the Denver Broncos do buy it I don’t think it will go for more than 180k and thats if the seller is lucky. If the Broncos really want the domain they will deal directly with the owner or broker and not buy it through the traffic auction. Today it will not meet the reserve.

  4. What value does the domain have besides being a football team and having traffic looking for that football team?

    I think it’s worth maybe 5-10K to anyone other than the Broncos.

    The only reason for someone to invest in it is in hopes the team will someday want to buy it.

    Then again, maybe its a good name for a gay dating site.

  5. “As a comparable, the Cowboys.com domain name sold for $370,000, as recorded ”


    I wouldn’t call that a comparable. The bidding on cowboys.com was driven by ego rather than logic and it was sold at the peak of the market, the end result was not good and no sane domainer would want to repeat it. Would say the 50k estimate on Broncos is about right. Ditto for cowboys.com.

  6. Highest bid of $100,000 divided into 4 payments. Pending owner approval. I don’t think I would be comfortably sinking 100k into a name that could be taken in a UDRP.

  7. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Live Auction – Names that sold only as posted by Raymond (hybrid domainer)
    LaserPrinterRepair.com – $125
    PeppermintVodka.com – $100
    FreeQualifiedLeads.com – $100
    QuickPaydayAdvance.com – $300
    BedsideLamps.com – $175
    NoInterestLoans.com – $2,000
    CelebrityConfessions.com – $100
    Decapitate.com – $600
    Bursting.com – $2,300
    472.com – $11,500
    Perverted.com – $6,500
    Refusal.com – $2,000
    PersonnalsApp.com – $100
    FoolMe.com $1,000
    Schmaltz.com – $1,600
    RepairReputation.org – $200
    BugCheck.com – $4,100
    eFortLauderdale.com – $100
    MiniLamp.com – $200
    VegasJetCharters.com – $150
    SouthBeachBabes.com – $100
    DrivingCourses.com – $5,000
    TopPlumber.com – $350
    LawnMowing.com – $7,000
    SWDeveloper.com – $100
    iCrown.com – $200
    MicroWatch.com – $150
    vKeyboard.com – $125
    WikiClips.com – $50
    15YearLoan.com – $1,400
    PrizeParade.com – $100
    EuropeanAutos.com – $3,000
    iFiction.com – $300
    MagicChanel.com, .net and .org – $600

  8. Fortunate for us, we can look at those who invested in cowboys.com and learn from their mistake, They said Jerry Jones was fool not to buy it, that maybe true, but the biggest fools in that situation were the ones who made the investment based on the hopes that Jones would eventually acquire it. (naturally they will deny this)

    And now we have a similar circumstance with Broncos.com, where some domainers are asking themselves; “Would Pat Bowlen want to buy this one”? and if he did, “How much would he be willing to pay?.. For the domainer with deep pockets and a strong desire to have his name in lights when the domain sells, (IF it sells) for him it’s worth the risk.

    As for my appraisal? I’d say it’s worth just as much as any other popular horse, unless you could turn it into a gay dating site to piss Ford Motor Co. or the Denver Broncos organization into buying it, then it would be worth Millions.

  9. I think it is worth the money to the players like Ford and Broncos football org.
    To loose this for a Hundred Fifty grand would be nuts.

  10. You know that Ford stopped making the Bronco don’t you?

    Maybe they’ll bring back the Pinto and the owner of Pinto.com can ask $400,000 for that one also.

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