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Neustar Domain Names

Will Sell Today?


A couple of weeks ago, I asked readers to vote on what they thought the domain name is worth. 32% of the people who voted think is worth $400,000 or more. Interestingly, 20% of the people who voted think is worth less than $100,000. The vote totals were pretty evenly spread out, so there wasn't a consensus on the value of the domain name. is for sale today in the TRAFFIC conference live domain name auction at 4:30pm. According to the conference website, the reserve price of is (more…) → Read More

What Is Worth?


I am sure you've heard the news that the domain name will be coming up for auction during the TRAFFIC conference in a couple of weeks. According to organizer Rick Schwartz, "the reserve is less than half of what sold for a few years back," (which was $370,000, as recorded by

The most obvious buyer would be the Denver Broncos NFL team, which currently uses the longer for its website. According to Forbes, the Broncos team is worth nearly $1.2 billion, so it can afford an acquisition like this. The question is whether or not the team believes it would add value to them since it's not like someone would be able to compete with them if they don't purchase the domain name. Frankly, they don't exactly need the domain name, but it would be a great opportunity to shorten their current url.

There are other suiters for the domain name as well. Plenty of high schools, college, amateur and pro teams throughout the world are nicknamed the Broncos. For instance, Boise State University → Read More