What Are Your Development Projects?

Some articles I write about are related to web development projects I am working on or have completed. I am lucky to be able to receive reader feedback and comments, which have helped me with my web development projects.

If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to seek feedback from a wide range of domain investors, SEO experts, developers, and other experts who read my blog and post helpful comments.

In the comment section of a very popular blog post I wrote (over 300 comments so far), Louise asked if I could write a post where people could post their current domain development projects, and I think this is a great idea.

It would be interesting to know what projects people who read my blog are working on, and perhaps they can get some advice in the comment section and/or generate some ideas.

Some projects I am working on include:

  • DogWalker.com
  • DogGroomers.com
  • Bahamas.CO
  • SlipperyElm.com
  • AthensVacations.com
  • JerusalemVacations.com
  • TropicalBirds.com
  • Lowell.com
  • Dreidel.com
  • … many more

What are some of your current domain development projects?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Ahh! I see you are developing a .CO domain πŸ™‚

    Since you asked, here are my development goals and projects for 2011:

    Zoop.CO <- change theme, change everything
    Neuralgia.CO <- WP health site
    SDCC.CO <- will be a comic con related site
    ifindyoucollect.com <- classifieds site for collectibles
    proteinshakes.biz <- mini site

    plus there are more but I dont think Ill have time for all these, ha

  2. AllWedding.com
    Brideminders.com (WordPress)
    LifestyleMinders.com (WordPress)

    FOR 2011

    Future WordPress Sites

  3. For 2011:


    For 2012:


    For 2013:


    For 2014:


    For 2015-2018:


    – TBC

  4. We are working on a few .co domains at present to see what results we get…

    ChangeJobs.Co – Using Job-A-Matic
    VegasJobs.Co – Using Job-A-Matic

    To be developed in more detail and we also need developers for the below…

    VegasFlights.Co & VacationSearch.Co – Any one interested in working on these should email us – info -AT- VegasFlights.co

    @ Elliot – How has Bahamas.CO been with traffic and revenue to date?

  5. Currently working, among others, on the following geos: Acapulco.CO – ChicagoHotels.CO – NizhnyNovgorod.org – Ahmedabad.asia

    Bahamas.CO is nice, I really like it.

  6. I just registered PortugueseSettlement.com and was surprised it was not taken. For your info, it is a well known big community in Melaka and it has thousands of hits. I even grew up close by and I know the culture.

    Oh well…back to work.

    I am sooooooooo happy!!!

  7. Developed and trying to improve:


  8. Few of my 2011 projects:
    RapidFree.com (file sharing)
    BocaRaton.co (Boca Raton business directory)
    SeoPro.com (SEO services websites)
    CheapNames.co (domain names registration)
    Marrakech.co, Essaouira.co, gomorocco.com (Morocco travel)
    FloridaSolarPanel.com (Florida solar energy directory)

    and few more πŸ™‚

  9. My big 2011 project is ChargingStations.com. Already have the design live, now just trying to get all the features built out in the next 2 months. Can’t wait to finish this one!

  10. Current focus is on South Florida geos especially those closer to home as they more easily lead to monetization outside of Adsense/PPC:

    PembrokePines.tv (150K population & residence)
    Doral.tv (40K+ pop; worked there ~9 yrs)
    Weston.tv (60K pop)
    HollywoodBeach.info (tourist destination)

    also have…
    MiamiLakes.tv (redirect)
    Brickell.tv (downtown Miami financial district)
    Islamorada.tv (Florida Keys)

    Kendall.tv (75K population in South Miami-Dade)

    Also have several fitness sites with emphasis on

  11. Now when you say develop are you speaking about full fledge business OR just mini site with adsense? I would like to develop a handfull of my domians but to be good sites and such it takes time which I have none of unless I outsource and then were talking dollars to spend.

  12. @Adi – Thanks!

    So much still in process, but plan to put all the charging stations on a map and set up geo location so the user sees the closest charging stations to them. In addition, we’ll set up the search box so that people can use that to search and find information.

    Plan to have news and information as well – getting the writers together on that part, so much to do, but I like doing the research and learning all about this stuff.

  13. I am developing only one project Operations Manager dot com
    It is a news website and it been doing alright, though got to find better way to monetize it.

  14. Elliot,
    It is always great to read the many comments from the community.

    ProactiveSupervisor.com and SupervisorQuestions.com
    (These sites will provide info for supervisors in any field) I currently work as a Management Consultant for Supervisors.

    QuickLoanFinder.com (Loan Listing service)
    SMOConsultant.com (Social Media Optimization)
    SEOOptimizing.com (How to optimize SEO)
    RangerBook.com (Social Site for Rangers)

    and a few others.

  15. Thanx for this thread, @ Elliot. I am really, really blown away! BTW, are you cross-country skiing in Central Park this storm?

    You people are doing amazing things! Shows, the web embraces many topics / niches with room to grow!

    @ George Pickering, great job on your list of wedding/photographer domains! I like the professional look, the logos – very artistic. How did you assemble and organize so much great information? I like your mini-network approach of labeling some tabs separate domains/sites – I am attempting that on one of my projects! Did you author some of the articles, or did you commission them in the blog section of Brideminders? I put TM symbol in my logos now, too! It sounds like a smart plan to develop more directory-style sites in similar categories. @ Elliot, what do you think?

    @ The Big Cheese, you’re right to put a timeline for development of all your great dot tvs! It would be tough to put off Together.TV I would think, since it’s such an unusual and unique dot TV. It could be a social network! Thanx for BigFish.tv link – enjoyed that high-end design portfolio site! Did you hear about uWall.tv? Just read about it today that the developer wants to improve utube search for music videos!

    @ Mauro, look forward to VaiPassear and MiniTravelGuide – I submit an email addy!

    @ Cedrick Reese, that income tax filing site looks really comprehensive and up-to-date – good job! The power point to video site looks like a practical solution lots of people are looking for – how smart to make it a directory of affiliate links to helpful software! Good article!

    This is going to be a fun thread to keep coming back to! When you guys launch a site, you should update the thread!

    My projects on Epik:


    All written, tabs defined, and graphics commissioned by moi!



    and I am going to develop a blog on Touch–Screen.com – I know, it’s experimental to get it ranked! – in time for the Consumer Electronics Trade Show in Las Vegas next month – whew! I am almost finished reading the December issue of Consumer Reports Electronics issue to try to update myself on all this new technology – it’s mind-boggling! There should be lots of new announcements in a couple weeks of new gadgets.

    Even if it has Adsense, the site is developed if it has some original/practical articles, so I think minis-sites count to developed sites.

    Maybe I’ll make $$ this year – yay!

  16. @Louise

    How did you assemble and organize so much great information?

    Our strategy is to leverage Advertiser Generated Content. For example, the Geo DOT PROs will feature Advertiser-generated content from local professionals in each market. We have an advertiser control panel, where advertisers can manage their content.

    Most of our content is created by our advertiser base. Our job is to take that content and generate leads for the advertisers who created it via SEO, SEM, Social Mktg, etc.

    Our goal is to scale this model horizontally across multiple categories (wedding/event, wellness/health, home improvement, etc).

    Did you author some of the articles, or did you commission them in the blog section of Brideminders?

    Similiar to Elliott, we paid a freelancer to write articles. The author was a former wedding consiltant. We also get articles from our advertiser base and post them in exchange for a link and small bio. We also post articles from Aracontent.

  17. Great domains in development! I especially like HairCare.com, App.net, Profile.com..

    My big launch in 2011 will be MobileApps.com. Other smaller ones in development are:


    Best of luck y’all and Happy New Year!


  18. I have small plans made up for these names.



    But like all my plans 1 maybee come t0 life this year.

    Just about to close on my biggest .us sale, and my biggest .us purchase, so development is second on the list.

  19. My focus over the past year has been a gaming blog (www.casualgirlgamer.com, which is beginning to build pretty nice traffic (200,000+ unique visitors a month).

    I have also put some time into my unique game site concept Gambolio (www.gambolio.com), which has been growing steadily – if not spectacularly: about ten to 20 sign-ups a day.

    My big disappointment has been http://www.musicgames.co which, despite relevent content, a nice design, and loads of SEO optimisation, barely registers in the search engines. I think search engines don’t like .co domains. I’d love to be proven wrong as I have some other .co domains I would like to develop including playr.co and playnet.co.

    Has anyone here had any success with a .co domain?

  20. My comment seemed to get cut off. Should have been thus:

    My big disappointment has been musicgames.co, which in spite of relevant content, a nice design and SEO optimisation, has barely registered with the search engines.

    I wonder if this is because search engines don’t like .co domains. I hope that is not the case because I have some other .co domains that I would like to develop(plyr,co and playnet.co, for example).

    Has anyone here had any success with a .co domain?

  21. Some of the bigger projects I will be working on…

    Fitted.co – Fitted hats
    Mixes.tv – Music mixes and videos
    NumberedLists.com – Pop article index
    ShortPress.com – Micro-blogging services
    DotSauce.com – Updates and more innovation scheduled for 2011

  22. @ Robbie, I like the look of ChangeJobs.co – nice and neat! Probably would be nice if you blog about the employment situation here – post any good news to encourage job seekers!

    @ Joe: Acapulco.CO – what a domain! I see it is build on WhyPark. Maybe you could add articles about your experience of Acapulco to make it richer.

    @ BullS, Development of PortugeseSettlements.com sounds like a plan! Maybe you could explain it to the layperson. If it gets lots of hits, maybe you should post a forum!

    Some people get in touch with highschool friends they didn’t hear from in years, because of a niche-y geo which is their childhood experience.

    @ Michael Carter, for above reason, developing WilletsPoint is a good idea!

    @ ron s, sounds like you will have a corner in jazz instruction! You should look at @ George Pickering’s sites to see how they are linked!

    @ Mark Colyer, your spread offense sites are amazing! Especially the SpreadOffense.tv site I went to immediately to check out your design and how you display videos. I like the viewer has to click on a topic first, in order to view a video, and that some videos are no charge!

    @ Adam Gold, I like your site, RapidFree! It would be nice to have an “about” tagline to explain to the novice what the service is. Is it for business people to share large files instead of email them? Email a link instead to enable a download? Or for companies uploading shareware programs? Then you would need to build a directory.

    @ Chad, your ChargingStations is amazing! I can see it might even encourage electric vehicles to make an easy interface for travel for electric vehicles, which you are doing – you go! Nice logo, colors, everything. May I venture a suggestion? Put a link, when you’re ready, to a page within the site where users can download the mobile app for ChargingStations. It sounds ideal for drivers to be able to access on their iPhones and other mobile devices.

    Which brings another suggestion: keep your content within the standard 970-980 pixel width! 7-in, 10-in tablets and mobile devices are improving in resolution, at least to 1040 pixel width, so that makes your content nice to access from a mobile device.

    Signing off for now, more tomorrow!

  23. Thanks Louise! The app is a great idea, we are planning on getting that built out here in a couple months, after the website is finished and launched. Definitely will make a link to that prominent at the top of the site!

    Good suggestion on the site width, we are at 964px right now, which is usually wider than we build, but needed all the extra space.

  24. My big plans are for;

    PhillyBaseball.com – Not just covering the majors, but I want to get into the minor leages and college throughout the Philly area.

    CleCredit.org – Lawyers need “Continuing Legal Education” credits to stay lawyers, and all the education credit providers need some place to market their services.

  25. There’s a lot of nice domains and projects in this thread.

    Right now, I continue working on my only project, a European air charter broker service.

    For 2011 in the pipeline:
    Antwerpen.co (business/economy/jobs portal for this city)

  26. @Louise and @The Big Cheese – thank you for the nice comments, we’re working hard to continue to develop and grow. The newtork portals bring in some handsome page views per month… we’re actually looking for expansion capital to take this to a new level with premium subscription memberships and off-line camps and clinics. Anyone interested in seeing our executive summary, email me at: mark (at) spreadoffense.com – it’s a huge marketplace, online football coaches and players and educational content realted to coaching and playing football.

  27. I’m currently working on the following development projects for 2011:

    Hingham.tv (A town south of Boston)
    Duxbury.tv (A town south of Boston)

  28. @ Louise … Are you finding that names with ” – ” are working? I am looking at a geo-real-estate name.

    @ Shriphouse … I like your FiletMignons as well!

    Just reworking my business website and adding support mini sites in real estate and building.

  29. There are some cool names in this thread.

    Here are some of my top projects for the year:

    tomfool.com (comedy site that I launched today; it will probably make $0 in its lifetime, but it is the platform on which I can do something I’ve always wanted to do…).

    selfhelpcreditrepair.net (not a great name, but it is an aged site in a profitable niche. I’ve got quite a few articles lined up that I bought from textbroker.)

    shorttermhealthinsurance.co (1 of 2 .co’s that I own)

    raincoatsforwomen.com (I purchased this a few weeks ago and hope to see it rise in Google soon.)

    masquerademasks.us (It is an affiliate site, but I am currently looking for suppliers. I hope to be in full-swing by Halloween 2011.)

  30. @ Leonard Britt, Always enjoy your content-rich sites – yeah! That’s what development is about. What do you think of Epik’s new dot TV platform; example: baking.tv?

    @ Tim Davids, I like BoiseRestaurants! AnimalSitter doesn’t get much traffic. Choosing development projects is like choosing battles. BoiseRestaurants gets substantial exact searches! If I had to travel to Boise, I would ask, “What’s there to do in Boise?” At least least 1000 US residents per month ask, “What’s there to do in Boise?” If you supply a site, it would serve a need! Look forward to seeing what you do!

    @ Ricky, to me, if it has ORIGINAL content – not just articles from FEEDS – it’s a developed site, Adwords or no.

    @ Trip, Haircare is great! App.net – you have to admit, it’s distracting that each thumbnail is the same. It has potential.

    @ Amr, look forward to Profile!

    @ James, OilPrice is great! The information looks comprehensive. Who would think a site named, OilPrice would encourage you to go green, but it does! Maybe ChargingStation should advertise on your site!

    @ ValueDrops, I like your site! It’s touching to see the names people think are popular but let drop: KurdGirl, RespectCards, KnavesOnline . . .

    @ Geoffrey, are you going to develop hyannistravel or leave it?

    @ Robin, I like your HowToBlog – read the myths of $$ blogging right away! I will add it as a resource to my site, Part-Time-Jobs-From-Home

    Since I requested this topic, I don’t mind leaving feedback.

    @ Elliot, I think you should try again with Epik, with your ChocolateCoveredPretzels, only build it yourself! Decide the tabs: chocolate, yogurt, beer pretzels, gourmet, pretzel gift baskets – you could cover ALL the pretzels, with a name like chocolate covered – and write each landing page and tab blurb yourself! And each meta description should be unique as well, I have decided, so it isn’t a repeat of the page content.

  31. @ Al, MobileApps is a fine name! Here is the search result: http://www.google.com/search?q=mobile%20apps The only better domain might arguably be: apps. Look forward to its development! I like the magazine-style of LatestPhones, an ideal site to advertise MobileApps! That’s what LatestPhones needs: a colorful banner in the header area on the right!

    @ Steve, I like your dot us names; it will be interesting to watch them launch! 2011 is the year I will develop a dot us as well! Let’s compare how they do.

    @ Ramen, your site, 200.co is really cool! I submit a listing for Touch-Screen-Laptop there – it took a while. It was like submitting fresh content; I wrote a new description instead of duplicate what is on my site – hope it gets accepted!

    @ Alex, enjoy your sites! I think CasualGirlGamer is for me, having seldom played online games. The design on MusicGames is pretty. Be patient. It’s already indexed, it takes months to achieve ranking sometimes, esp. with cc extensions!

    @ Muzi Mohale, your site is pleasing to the eye and professional-looking. May I suggest you split out the title, instead of run the keywords together? “Startup” gets nice searches; “websites for sale” gets nice searches, split out startupwebsitesforsale to: startup websites for sale in the title.

    @ Paul, “world realty sales” sounds directed at professionals or industry watchers rather than end buyers.

    @ Chris, I went to Built.tv and didn’t see one video! Just a parked page. Are you planning to develop?

    @ Shiphouse, I 2nd other commenters’ opinions: Filetmignons rocks! Good job!

    @ Chad, If you check SitorSquat site (invented by a smart lady, bought by Charmin), there is a link simply titled, Mobile, which leads to a page offering apps for three: iPhone, Blackberry, and SMS. SitorSquat seems like the original, now there are copycat sites. WheretoWee is built around an iPhone app. I could see ChargingStations start a war to purchase it for the app popularity alone! Sorry of the examples, but I like the site SitorSquat and it is classic example of little niche drawing attention from big corporations!

  32. @Louise, Yes, World Realty Sales has evolved that way. The real objective was to get out of minisite mode and build a real site to experiment with.

    Personally I have found it impossible to maintain a daily, or near daily, production effort if the subject of a site doesn’t really interest me. Two domains I started to develop, but tired of are:


    I also have REapproach.com on the ‘maybe develop’ list, and flippable.com.

  33. Funny seeing that BoiseRestaurants.com one – I just got back from holidaying 2 weeks there in Idaho, put on 10Lbs, great stuff luvvit!
    This is a good thread for getting back into work mode, tx Elliot, Louise. More work less partying, more work less partying say it again hehe.
    When Im done procrastinating I plan to work on


    stockinvesting.biz (for the lol’s)


    pracawlondynie.com (work in london, polish)

    freecallsforever.com (im sure the right people could make a bunch on this one)

    I try to keep a flexible outlook though, Ive got a hundred others on the back burner and if I decide my time is better spent on something else then I generally will drop what Im doing in favour of the new fangled thing – so Ive got dozens of half finished sites! So long as you have at least a few completed and making an income the half finished ones arent all a terribly bad thing as they get indexed, you can get useful server stats and when u do end up building, the domain has history. Im going to be trying to finish off some of the 30 odd unfinished embarrassments I have floating around.
    Happy, healthy, prosperous new year everyone πŸ™‚

  34. @ LindaM, you’re back -yay! You have WP on all the above – that is a start! I like the theme of bmwbodykits. There is already a disclaimer! Smart.

  35. @ Mark Fulton, you’re the man behind DotSauce – I read this morning when your story about Flippa linked to Domaining – congratulations! You’re famous. You already have a successful development project!

    On a separate note, I like Fitted.co, except there is no contrast between the logo and background color in the masthead. Make the background color lighter. Otherwise, it looks great! It will be interesting to see Mixes.tv get developed, and the others.

    @ Sanchay Kumar, Enjoyed your Juicer.net – you must be making $$. It would be nice if you post juicer recipes as well. At first, I thought Juicer was a site about recipes, and was disappointed to not find any! You could put a “recipes” category in the blog. Look forward to your next one.

    @ Linda Johansen, there are a lot of exact searches for dog wheelchair – that might prove a thriving business! Look at the eBay results

  36. (con’t)

    @ eddie, spent a long time on crazyass.com! That’s funny! You have a winner there!

    @ Vincent DiAngelus, those sound like great projects, esp. PhillyBaseball – great domain name! If you include the schedule & games for Phillies, you could sell tickets through your site . . . besides jerseys and baseball merch. Sounds like a good project!

    @Jeroen said: “There’s a lot of nice domains and projects in this thread.” I 2nd that!

    @ Mark Colyer, maybe you could get some links from highschools and colleges, any contributors should automatically get a link. There’s link software which supplies a link automatically, like, @ Ramen’s 200.co

    @ Ramen, thank you for publishing my link! Look: 200.co/touch-screen-laptop

    You could help develop @ Ramen’s business by putting a link, and in turn, that is helpful to your business! It looks like a nice site, it isn’t just a link service. For instance, Juicer.net could go under, “health.” I am going to submit another link!

    @ Jim Sickorez, nice domain names! Looks like you already have income on CollegeLoanlocator. Are you going to put local news on Hingham.tv? I like IPTVProducts. I have Internet-Television.biz, and plan to develop it, too!

    @ Dave, Content is king, so if I – we – all pay attention to original content in developing our domains, they should rank well. One example is Bedding-Stores.net. There is nothing offensive in it to the Google crawler! There is not even meta desciption and meta keywords tags, just the content on the page. It started over 100 in Google, then crawled up to the 90’s, today is #76 on a search with quotes. I need to optimize it some more – there’s room for improvement! I did it to help Epik bedding stores, including one of mine: zebra-print-bedding.com. That, I went in there and optimized the title, tabs, and all the landing page text for each tab and homepage. I redid the tabs from zebra print bedding, zebra sheets, to leopard, cheetah, and giraffe print, and it doubled its income from November to December!

    Developing your site is the best you can do to increase the value of the domain for you or for a buyer, is my opinion.

    @ Dave, BTW, Shower-Curtains dot com is #5 on Google! So for product domains, hyphen okay. I don’t know about geo.

    @ Josh, I like TomFool – funny headline! It is really, really funny! πŸ˜€ Also, RainCoatsforWomen. It would rise in the rankings if you would add a blog about it, and post articles.

    @ Adi, Are there famous makeup artists in San Francisco? Does San Francisco have noted schools? I guess you could link to the schools for affiliate income . . .

    @ Josh, that was funny! If you want to “bury your pretzels …” I think you should make RaincoatsforWomen an Epik site – lots more selection! But you have to control the: title, tabs, and text. Either way, you have to put effort.

    @ Paul, Isn’t it the truth? You have to be interested in the topic, or else it’s too hard to develop! I believe in all my domain names, but am going to see hundreds drop this coming year, because I’m more interested in recent registrations than a year ago! Flippable is great! It’s catchy, and specific to the domain industry! You could put a blog on there!

    Yesterday I figured out how to make the page menu on WP link to a separate website, using a plugin, so I am going to make Bendy.tv a mini-network – already linked BendyTouchScreen.com in the horizontal menu at the top! I am excited!

    Sorry for the book, but all the projects are great, and I wanted to leave feedback on each one. Plus, I discovered at 200.co, it is a nice site to submit a link!

  37. @ Louise, I had somebody ask about developing a geo website and all of the non-hyphened names are gone. I have to check back with them and see if they really want to go forward with anything.

  38. Exciting events in store at CES 2011! So I had to create a blog to supply an overview, plus link to my stores, which are still under construction . . .

    Check it out:

    Touch–Screen .com™

    Nifty plugin to make menu pages link to outside urls. What do you think?

  39. I’ve got 3 more Epik stores perking:


    one Epik wiki


    and one blog that I have 25 pages of code in front of me, trying to teach myself css so it will smoothly transition to the others. My life is learning new technology every other day – it’s too much! But I’m getting the hang of learning a technology and composing text for a site – it’s like having a report due for each domain! I registered them – I have to work with them!

    I like the new look of Epik wiki. There was no glitch logging in, replacing the copied wikipedia text with my own, saving and logging out. Capacitive-Touch-Screen will be another important gateway to my stores. Already I put a link to: WhatisaSmartphone.com. But I’m burnt out, will finish tomorrow.

  40. @ Louise

    Yes with all of the geo.tv’s (Marshfield, Hingham, and Duxbury)(I also own FSU.tv) I going to be working with the high schools for community generate content ie. video’s of the various sporting events, plays, etc. and will sell direct local advertising bordering the pages in preparation of the next wave of internet TV’s…

  41. What really baffles me is that some people here are developing multiple websites at the same time. I am just curious if they do all the work by themselves or are outsourcing a lot.

    I’m asking because some time ago, I tried developing 4-6 sites at the same time and it just didn’t work. Imagine doing all the SEO, developing, managing etc all by yourself, it’s nearly impossible to do all this properly for so many sites when you are a beginner or even a bit experienced.

    If you’re not sure to know what I’m talking about, I can recommend having a look at this article: http://diythemes.com/thesis/eggs-in-one-basket/

    I’m developing 1-2 sites now and doing much better.

    Sorry for the topic drift. Elliot, i hope you don’t mind.


  42. @Jeroen,

    We have 4 sites “in development” that will launch later this year. We handle conceptual planning and outsource all of the actual coding/design work to India…great quality and CHEAP.

    – TBC

  43. @Jeroen … It all depends upon the size of the website.

    Mini websites do not take much time. Perhaps 3-4 hours with AdSense, tracking code, keywords, photos, content and submit to a few search engines.

  44. Breakthrough on the code for Touch–Screen! The project has been lagging since last month, I’ve let myself go to figure it out, and today I had the breakthrough.

  45. Slapped together, DualScreenPhones.com today, though it still needs tweaking and work. Ioana, my graphic artist in Europe, is fantastic – yay! It pays richly to develop a relationship with graphic artists, and be sympathetic, and pay as much as possible . . .

    This is the start of my developing. If I can slap together a site in one day, even though it is past midnight, it’s all the better to put great content on each domain. If you value, you will develop . . .

  46. Completely overhauled http://DualScreenPhones.com . . . It’s a test of something totally unique on the web, and we’ll see if it can’t generate revenue. Then I’ll duplicate my template on my other sites, of which I have many emerging technologies future trend mobile technology sort.

    They have to be a mix of information/products, because releases take a while to become reality from the announcement date to when they’re in the store, but I can blog on the developments and post mobile devices for sale when they appear in stores.

    My inspiration is Linny & Elliot having some projects in the fire besides just buy, trade and sell domains and earn PPC!

  47. QRReader.org is taking shape. Noone is developing the QR reader domains as a directory, so – simple as it sounds – I created an online directory which fits a mobile browser, so people can download a reader for thier type phone . . .

  48. Just slapped together QuadTelevision.com , which is quad full hd with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It’s supposed to be hot at this year’s CES, so I submit it for DomainFest, with “other assets,” so I decided to create a webpage to sway the reviewers at Moniker. Hope they like it!

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πŸŽ‰ It's here! The Ultra-Premium Marketplace is live We've partnered with @HilcoDigital to curate an incredible collection of domains. More additions coming soon! 🌟 Check it...

ROTD Auction Web3 Domain Names

According to a press release I received a moment ago, Right of the Dot is auctioning "Web3" domain names in partnership with Unstoppable Domains....

Sage.ai Dispute Gives Guidance on Common One Word Domains

The latest #UDRP Digest (Vol 3.37) is out now! Read about some interesting cases including #sage.ai, #stable.com, #extenso.org and more, with commentary from @dnattorney...