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101domain Hangout: “Doing Business Online in China”


Joe Alagna, Vice President of Channel Development at 101Domain will be hosting a Google Plus Hangout tomorrow that might be of interest to people in the domain investment business. Participating in the Hangout with Joe will be Simon Cousins, who is experienced in doing business in China.

Simon was on the the team that hosted the Chinese Domaining Masterclass at NamesCon, which was well received. To get a general idea about what will be discussed during the Hangout, Joe recently published a written interview with Simon on the 101Domain company blog. I think the Hangout will delve deeper into some of what was discussed in the interview.

Here's what Joe had to say to describe tomorrow's free Hangout event: (more…) → Read More

BBC Confused About .Plumbing


Joe Alagna shared an article about preparing for the new gTLD domain names, and in the article, he wrote, "Although I like most of the vertically targeted domains, I am concerned about a few like .plumbing and .contractors. I was recently tasked with writing an article about each of those two TLDs. Forgive me, but as I sat at my computer, I couldn't recall if the TLD was .plumbing, .plumber, or .plumbers." It appears that the BBC has this very issue.

The BBC published an article today discussing whether anyone cares about whether England gets its own .England domain name extension. It's an interesting discussion, but what caught my eye (and the attention of others) was a photo caption with a typo in it: "Tippers, a chain of builders merchants based in the Midlands, now has a website with the .plumbers suffix."

As Joe Alagna predicted, the BBC (more…) → Read More

Preparing for New gTLDs (for Domain Name Investors)


image002I've gone through the entire gamut of emotions and opinions about new gTLDs.    If you search online back far enough, you can find a few of my rants stating that adding anything more than .com, .net, and .org is a terrible idea (this was when they were proposing .info and .biz). Obviously, I've warmed up to the idea today and have a different view. I've been directly involved in assisting 10 or so applicants to submit 60 new gTLD applications. I've been a domainer, worked for a registry, and now, work for a registrar so I've seen the industry from all sides.

So, what should a domainer do about new gTLDs?    How should you prepare?    Here are my suggestions.

1. Be Optimistic, But Don't Be Stupid  - I have reasons to believe that some (more…) → Read More