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Crowdsourcing a Website Idea Contest Has Ended


A week ago, I posted a contest "Crowdsourcing a Website Idea." The person whose idea was selected by the domain owner managing the contest would receive a $500 prize. There were 70 comments posted and many great ideas, and the contest is now over.

I know that the contest was scheduled to end on April 4, but the contest is being closed a few days early. I was informed today (more…) → Read More

$200 Contest: Guess the Order of My NameJet Sales


Earlier this week, I shared a small list of domain names I am auctioning at NameJet. Some are nearing the backorder deadline and others will be coming up to the deadline within the next few days. Here's a contest to see if anyone can guess the correct value order of the auctions from highest to lowest.  Assuming someone correctly guesses the order, that person will receive a $200 Paypal payment from me.

To clarify this a bit, I want you to post a list of the seven domain names in numeric order with your guess of what will achieve the highest sale price to lowest sale price. You don't need to guess the prices, but just the order in terms of highest sale price to lowest sale price. If you are able to correctly guess the order based on the final sales prices, you'll win $200 via Paypal. If more than one person correctly guesses the order from highest to lowest, the person who posted the order first will win the $200. If nobody guesses the correct value order, nobody will win.

Listed below, are the names as a reminder, along with → Read More

$500 Contest: Crowdsourcing a Website Idea


A colleague that I (Elliot Silver) have done business with in the past, Lance Raab, approached me with an interesting crowdsourcing idea, and I would like to try it out on my blog. His article is below, and he is offering some serious prize money for the winner. Lance will select the winner of the contest and will be responsible for paying the prize. Aside from hosting this article on my blog, I am not participating in the contest.

I own the domain name, and I am planning on developing it into a revenue generating website.   (I also have the matching Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn names, etc).     I have a few ideas; however, I would like to explore all possible avenues before going down a specific path.

I decided to try something different and approached Elliot with the idea of engaging his readers to help me generate ideas by holding a contest, and he has generously agreed.

To participate in the contest, please (more…) → Read More

IDN Domain Registration Contest Ends Tomorrow at 9am


The IDN domain name registration contest sponsored by IDN Tools and will end tomorrow, Thursday, March 25th promptly at 9am EST. All entries must be posted in the comment section of the blog by then, or they will not count.

The newly registered domain name with the highest footprint will win $150. The second place winner will receive $100, and the third place winner will receive $50. Full contest details can be found on the contest article page.

There have been a number of submissions for the contest, and I believe a number of submissions will be made in the closing hours of the contest. Don't wait until the last moment, as I can not be responsible for slow server time, disconnects, or other site errors that could cause issues with last minute submissions! If you do suspect your post is being spam filtered, email me : DomainNames at gmail.

Good luck to all!!

IDN Domain Contest

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