Here’s How President Obama Acquired via NameJet


Obama Foundation - Obama.orgFormer US President Barack Obama acquired the domain name, and it is now being used for the Obama Foundation website. President Obama announced the news on his Twitter handle yesterday:

When researching  the Whois records for this domain name,  I noticed a domain name industry connection. Prior to the recent privatization of the Whois information for, the owner of the domain name was  listed as industry veteran Kellie Peterson. Kellie now works on the domain registrar side of Automattic, the parent company of

According to  NameBio, was  acquired via NameJet in 2011 for $2,800. Based on Historical Whois records from DomainTools, it looks to me like this was a privately held domain name that was auctioned  instead of an expired domain auction. Kellie was the winning bidder in the auction, and she told me that she acquired the domain name on behalf of the President and his campaign.

Interestingly, as Kellie recalls, it was someone who was “frontrunning” the NameJet auction who alerted the President’s team to the auction. Kellie’s friend (Harper Reed) was  CTO of President Obama’s campaign, and he reached out to Kellie to bid on behalf of the President once the campaign learned the domain name would be auctioned. Kellie told me that  she occasionally helped the campaign with domain name related questions.

Kellie commented on working with the President and his team to acquire the domain name for the Foundation:

“I was thrilled to be helping the campaign, and most recently the Foundation, with their domain name needs. More than anything, I was thrilled to have a president with such a savvy digital team. I wish more candidates, at every level of government, were more together on their digital asset strategy. I’ve tried helping other campaigns and it’s not always met with warmth.”

President Obama owns, which is used as the website for The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama. is also owned by the President, and that forwards to The President does not own

It was neat to see this domain industry connection when reading about President Obama’s Foundation.


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