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BritishNews.com – Great Name, Good Price

I do quite a bit of research on domain names, and occasionally, I will find a great domain name for sale that is either more than I can afford or isn’t in a vertical of mine. I saw a great name on BuyDomains.com the other day, and since it doesn’t really fit in to my portfolio, I figured I would mention the name here.

The regular price on BritishNews.com is very reasonable for a name of this caliber. If you are interested in adding it to your portfolio, let me know and I will put you in touch with my contact who I have done a lot of business with over there.

NameMedia, Inc. Files for IPO

Heary congratulations to the folks at NameMedia, who according to Reuters  and a post on DomainNameNews.com  filed with US regulators to raise up to $172.5 million in an IPO.   The company plans to list its shares on the Nasdaq market under the highly appropriate ticker symbol “NAME.”

This comes on the heels of great growth in the domain space.   Some of NameMedia’s better known properties include Afternic, BuyDomains, and Smart Name among others.    The company also recently announced strategic partnerships with leading  companies such as Network Solutions and Register.com.

And also, courtesy of Sahar’s Blog, the filing can be found here:

Ad:Tech – New York

I will be attending the Ad:Tech show in New York on Monday.   If anyone is interested in meeting up, drop me a line.   There will be over 300 exhibitors in attendance, and I think this will be a good opportunity to make new contacts in the interactive marketing space.   Some of the companies I am looking forward to meeting with include:

Also, if your company is exhibiting, and you believe I need to see what you have to offer drop me a note.   Right now, I am looking to work with companies who have relationships with product manufacturers and offer a customizable web template with a strong revenue share.   I have domain names in the electronics sector, health industry, and consumer goods business.

Bullish on Domain Names

5 Reasons the Domain Name Bull Market Will Continue

Andrew Alleman at Domain Name Wire gives 5 reasons + a bonus reason why the domain bull market will continue.   I am in agreement with him on this.   There has never been a better time to own  a generic domain name.

I would add two more reasons to Andrew’s list:

– Domain names are used by people in all corners of the world.   They criss cross socio-economic distinctions, race, religion…etc.   Everybody who wants to create a message that can be seen throughout the world needs a domain name.

– Compared to bricks and mortar retail locations, there is much less overhead with domain names.

StatCounter.com – Good Stat Tracking Resource


On a few of my domain names, I use StatCounter.com to track information about my visitors.   If I know how visitors find my domain name, what links they click on while there, and how long they view a particular topic, I can optimize my websites to fulfill their needs.   I would recommend this website for stat tracking.   According to the site, StatCounter.com is:

A free yet reliable invisible web tracker<, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats.”

With StatCounter.com, I have access to the following  information about visitors to my websites:

– Popular Pages
– Entry Pages
– Exit Pages
– Came From
– Keyword Analysis
– Recent Keyword Activity
– Recent Came From
– Visitor Paths
– Visit Length
– Returning Visits
– Recent Visitor Activity
– Country/State/City/ISP

I would recommend this site to people who don’t have access to this information from their own servers.   There is no cost for smaller accounts (up to 500 log quota), and there are upgrade opportunities depending on the size of the file you want.   Oh… I am not a paid endorser either – I just like the information they provide.

PPS Aggregators —-> Emerging Opportunity


My father has been in the home fashions business for his entire life, and he has owned his store in New Hampshire since 1984. Although he has a 3,000 square foot store, custom window treatments, which take up about 20% of the store, generate about 80% of the business.

On occasion, I would hear my father complain about companies that would advertise their window treatment “stores” in the Yellow Pages, when in fact, they operated out of a van. While nothing can really replace the comfort of going into a store, working with a knowledgeable sales clerk and purchasing a product, the people who run their van-stores are onto something. They have little to no inventory, they outsource what they can’t do, and they have no physical overhead except van maintenance.

This is a great business model that should be applied to domain names in the form of a PPS (pay per sale) store. Many domain investors have few connections with product manufacturers. Likewise, most product manufacturers have few connections with domain owners. What we need is for a middle man development company to be created to form relationships with product manufacturers and domain owners to create custom stores where the domain owner only has to change his DNS. No templates to mess with, no customer service call center to train, no more work than a standard PPC page. If the domain owner wants to enhance is site(s), the templates should have the ability to add content to make them more unique to build brand loyalty and encourage customers to return. This is similar to what Joe Davison was talking about in the “Niche-Specific Stores” section of his July post

I think this is one way in which PPC aggregators will evolve into PPS aggregators. Current web advertisers will be happy when they are paying on a net sale basis rather than on a per click basis. Domain owners will be compensated nicely because the value of a customer would drastically increase.   The PPS aggregators would be happy to receiving a % of all sales. I believe this is much more beneficial to all parties.

There are some domain owners/investors who already do something similar, and I think they have a great business model.   The idea behind this post is for something that can be applied to everyone who owns a domain name on a large scale rather than a few companies who are well ahead of the game.

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