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Andrew Rosener and his Media Options domain brokerage have been active in the domain name marketplace, and the company has been particularly active in the market for short domain names. Yesterday morning, I learned that Rosener’s company has acquired the two letter domain name for an undisclosed price.

Media Options publicly disclosed the acquisition on its Twitter feed this afternoon: is obviously a valuable domain name, and my guess would be a high six figure acquisiton. According to my email records, was offered for sale via domain broker newsletter for $450,000 back in April of 2012. Due to the Whois privacy that has been enabled on this domain name, I am not sure if it was sold back then. Short domain names like this one have gone up in value since 2012 though, so my gut says the price was more than its 2012 price, but that is more of a guess.

Marijuana is often abbreviated as “mj,” so this domain name fits right in with the brand, which I wrote about a couple of months ago.

Media Options has had quite good luck with two letter .com domain names in the past. The company recently brokered the sale of for an undisclosed amount shortly after listing it for sale. In a tweet announcing the deal, the company said, “MediaOptions has now bought, sold & traded almost 30 domains!” Looks like there is now one more on that list. It does not seem like this one was bought to re-sell though.

Congratulations to Media Options on the acquisiton.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Thanks Elliot! Yeah, very excited about this acquisition. We paid a VERY VERY VERY high price for it but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to own the single best domain name for the legal marijuana industry – probably the 2nd greatest growth industry in our lifetime after the inception of the Internet!

    As you said, is NOT going to be for sale. Although we are told it has tremendous Pinyin meanings in China. – Coming Soon!

  2. i bet u paid under $500k and will be reselling it in the very near future to a chinese buyer for a little under a cool million…will be a nice healthy profit…smart move, nothing to worry about, risk-free liquid asset.

    play with big money…make big money!!!

  3. You were right Andrew, you were after a true gem and got it: Congrats!!!

    Nothing better for a domainer/developer than the satisfaction to get the best name for the industry you target.

    Now transform it into a successfull site.

  4. One of the most well known uses of “MJ” is as a nickname for Michael Jackson, and Michael Jackson starred in a movie named Captain EO which was a 3D Sci-fi film directed by Francis Coppola and featured at Disney theme parks. Media Options was directly involved in both and Hmmmm…

  5. I opposed to recreational, but support medical.

    Had to say that first.

    That said, I’m pretty partial to That, Marijuana and MJ are the three most valuable for the industry. Nice thing about MJ is that it will probably only go up in value, meaning I suspect that no matter what the investment can not only be recouped if desired, but a profit on the domain alone could be realize virtually at any time.

  6. Congrats on the acquisition, with the greatest respect I can’t see how spelling marijuana is any harder than ganjapreneur
    You could say this buy was a bit of a …….Thriller

  7. Great buy!
    Why spend time, effort and money to develop it when you can sell to the folks below for more than you can earn on a bet on marijuana becoming legal and mainstream. The DEA is a tough cookie!
    Michael Jackson
    Michael Jordan
    Magic Johnson


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