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On Monday morning, Media Options sent out a newsletter to announce that was for sale at a reduced price of $599,000. According to a tweet from the company’s Twitter account this morning, is now pending  sale. As you can see in the tweet below, the company is very active in the two letter .com space, with “almost 30” domain names having been sold (or traded).

Media Options CEO Andrew Rosener would not say who has agreed to acquire the domain name, but he was willing to share some comments about the sale and the two market:

“We knew would sell, it’s a great example of a premium domain and a great value for the buyer. What I will say is that the buyer is not Chinese and that is quite important to note. The domain market is unique to any other category of domains. Values of these assets are not driven by the Chinese alone, the Western world has long put a high value on 2 letter .com domains and these domains were selling for high 6 figures and 7 figures before the Chinese took interest. The value of these assets continues to be supported and continues to rise. We are excited to not only have several more domains under brokerage, such as but as well as the three that we still own:, &”

I asked if the domain name sold for the listing price, and Andrew  wasn’t able to comment on that aspect of the deal. I would imagine the domain name sold for close to the asking price, considering the quick turnaround time after it was listed for sale. That is just a guess though.

Congratulations to the parties involved in this transaction.


  1. Congratulations to Andrew. I’m sure there wouldn’t have been such a quick sale unless the price came close to the asking price. So definitely a good sale.

  2. Obviously-if you own one of these names it’s Andrew that you need as a broker. What’s also very professional about him is he emails you back-even if he’s not interested in a domain you might have-he still finds the time. Congrats to him on this sale.

  3. There are 676 LL two letter .coms

    There 900 NNN three number .coms

    If prices of NNN.coms traded strictly on scarcity in comparison to, which obviously is not happening right now, then lowest price for should be at least $400k. Assuming $600k is current floor for

    Lot of assumptions but there is logic in the scarcity value

  4. When I heard that was for sale few days ago, I knew it would sell more than which went for $575K in March. Congrats Andrew.

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