Jane.AI Rebrands as Capacity and Gets Capacity.com


I just saw a tweet from TechCrunch linking to an article announcing that a company called Capacity raised a $13.2 million in its Series B round of funding. In total, the company has raised $23.2 million in funding. The company, which was previously known as Jane.AI, recently secured the brand match Capacity.com domain name.

Capacity.com is currently privately registered at GoDaddy, so it is not totally clear whether this was an acquisition. I assume it was, but I can’t confirm it based on the current Whois records.

In looking at DomainTools’ Whois History tool, it looks like Capacity.com was previously registered to an Illinois-based registrant called GC Pivotal, LLC. The company’s email address on the Whois record was @generalcapacity.com.

I do not see any sale records for Capacity.com in NameBio, and I do not see any brokerage emails offering the domain name for sale. As such, I could not speculate on the purchase price.

David Karandish, CEO of Capacity, published an article about the rebrand on August 21. He did not mention the Capacity.com domain name, but here’s an excerpt about why the company changed its brand name:

“We chose the name Capacity because we firmly believe that the more organizations share and leverage their knowledge, the greater capacity their teams will have to do outstanding work. In fact, before we officially settled on the name, a sales prospect even remarked to me, “So, you’re saying this could increase my team’s capacity?” I took that as a good sign that we were headed in the right direction.”

Capacity.com is a nice brand name, and it was smart for the company to acquire its brand match .com domain name in advance of the rebrand.

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  1. Yes, well done, & maybe the company has a chatbot called Jane, so they can use Jane.ai if they so desire for an API or app.
    Capacity will make a nice brand.

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