IDNX: “Domain Prices Went Up by 8.5% in June and July”



Apparently, there have not been “Summer doldrums” in the domain name aftermarket this year. According to the tweet above and illustrated on the IDNX website, “Domain prices went up by 8.5% in June and July.” I believe “domain prices” means the prices realized for domain sales that are tracked in the IDNX.

IDNX was created by Thies Lindenthal, a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, and its purpose is described as follows: The internet domain name index IDNX brings more transparency to domain markets. It provides a reliable benchmark for domain name traders and investors looking for information on price trends, returns and fundamental risk of internet domain names.”

Personally, I did not notice an uptick in my company’s domain sales, but my domain portfolio is small enough that one large sale can throw things off. As such, I don’t really look at monthly sales numbers as being indicative of any larger trends.

How was your June and July? Did you notice an uptick in domain sales and/or offers?


  1. As you were implying, the price of a domain sold could have gone up. (price)
    But, analysis does not say if more, less or the same amount of domains sold in that period. (units)

  2. I don’t see it. A common reply to outbound marketing messages is, “We already have a domain name.” Generally what they have is reg fee but there is little interest in paying for an aftermarket domain. With a few dozen targeted outbound messages one can generally receive at least one “How much?” inquiry but the conversion rate of those inquiries is so abysmal it seems outbound marketing is not a good use of time (even when domains are priced $xxx). I recently received a response from a Facebook profile where their profile name is the same as a two-word .COM of mine. Their response, “…at the moment not interested in .COM” Would you prefer .XYZ?

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