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I hope you’re having a nice weekend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Typically, the Summer is the slow season for my business, and the next couple of weeks will likely be the slowest of the year due to vacations and time off. As a result, this may be a good time to participate in auctions and make acquisitions.

One of the nice things about this business is I can work from anywhere as much or as little as I want. On the other hand, as my wife could tell you, I tend to work from everywhere all the time 🙂

Here are a few updates I want to share with you:

  • With all the changes in the last 5 years and all the changes on the horizon, I was thinking about what domain name I own that will be the most valuable name in my portfolio in 5 years. In my opinion, will be the most valuable domain name my company owns in 5 years. What do you think your most valuable domain name will be?
  • I love it when people post great comments in response to articles I write. Yesterday, I posted some “common sense” tips for domain name security, and a few people added some excellent additions to the list. Thank you for continuing to add value to articles. I know this community helps people looking to learn more about domain investing, and it’s great that people are willing to share.
  • I wonder how much additional revenue companies that sell SSL certificates are going to make now that having a SSL may impact Google rankings. I already have a SSL for the admin side of my blog and will probably enable it for the entire site at some point in the near future. The issue is that Google previously indexed both the http and https versions of my blog and I want to avoid having what would amount to two of the same website indexed in Google.
  • Rightside was spun off from Demand Media last week. After its second quarter earnings report was announced at the end of the day on Thursday, the stock ended its first week trading at $12.97, down 7.36% on the day.
  • It’s surprising to see how many UDRPs are being filed on new gTLD domain names. It almost seems like companies could buy whole swaths of brand new TLD domain names for the price of one UDRP, including legal fees. I am not surprised to see people stupidly registering brand trademarks in new extensions, but it seems pretty silly to spend all this money on UDRPs.
  • I’ve read comments from people who want financial penalties for companies that are found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking. While that sounds good in theory, my guess would be that if that were to ever happen, there would be financial penalties given to losers of UDRP proceedings, too. Imagine how crappy it would be to lose a descriptive domain name via UDRP and then have to pay a fine on top of that.
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. When someone asks me what I do for a living esp when there are good looking women around, I tell them I deal with marijuana.

    The rest is history……

    makes the nites very exciting.

  2. My most valuable asset in 5 yrs is a toss-up between and I’ll go w/ (includes 1-800-NYHARBOR plus Facebook and Twitter handle, @nyharbor).

  3. RE: One of the nice things about this business is I can work from anywhere as much or as little as I want. On the other hand, as my wife could tell you, I tend to work from everywhere all the time 🙂

    So (painfully) true! 🙂

  4. There has been discussion about what seasons are best for domain sales, some say the end of the year is best because businesses need to invest to lower their tax burden, that maybe true but for me it’s been pretty much all year around.

    If you rely on domaining as your main source of income, I can imagine how hard it can be, I would assume you need to stash away a good chunk of money for the slow periods, kind of like what squirrels do when they stock up on nuts to get them through winter.

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