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IDNX Up 25% in Last 12 Months


According to a tweet that was published this morning, the IDNX domain name price index is up a bit more than 25% over the past 12 months. Prices were up 4.7% in October and down .7% in November. You can visit the IDNX website to see the full chart and report.

Despite the robust growth rate during the course of the last year, the IDNX domain index appears to be underperforming a bit when compared to the NASDAQ 100. According to (more…) → Read More

IDNX Hits 200


The IDNX, a price index for the domain market created by MIT Postdoctoral Fellow Thies Lindenthal, has hit the 200 mark. As explained in the tweet below, this essentially means that "A diversified portfolio of domains bought in 2006 should be worth twice as much today."

Obviously for some types of domain names, the values (more…) → Read More

IDNX: “Domain Prices Went Up by 8.5% in June and July”



Apparently, there have not been "Summer doldrums" in the domain name aftermarket this year. According to the tweet above and illustrated on the IDNX website, "Domain prices went up by 8.5% in June and July." I believe "domain prices" means the prices realized for domain sales that are tracked in the IDNX.

IDNX was created by Thies Lindenthal, a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, and its purpose is described as follows: (more…) → Read More

Thies Lindenthal at MIT: Full Time Research into Domain Markets


I want to share some news from Thies Lindenthal, the creator of IDNX, "the first scientific grade price index for Internet domain names," operated by Lindenthal with extensive sales data from  Sedo. Using IDNX, you can see how domain names have performed since 2006 and compare the performance of the domain market to that of the NASDAQ 100.

Thies recently announced that he has begun a post-doctoral studies program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he will be researching the domain market in depth. The goal is of his research is produce empirical papers on several research questions, such as: (more…) → Read More