Hilco Streambank Auction Extended 2 Weeks


I want to share a press release regarding the auction of some excellent domain names that I previously reported. Hilco Streambank announced that the auction of DL.com, Row.com, Tweeter.com and other domain name assets has been extended until October 31. The previous deadline was October 17th for the auction that started on October 14th.

According to Hilco Streambank, here’s why the auction closing date was extended:

Hilco Streambank received many inquiries about the assets from both domainers and potential strategic buyers. Potential bidders also had questions about the bidding process on the new online platform. To accommodate bidders, Hilco Streambank has extended the deadline for two weeks.

Registration for the auction is currently open. If you have questions about specific lots, feel free to contact the company directly.

Here’s the full list of auction lots in this auction:

Individual Domains

  • DL.com
  • ROW.com
  • MagicBooks.com
  • YogaTraining.com
  • HomeInvestment.com

Domain Packages

  • Tweeter – Includes Tweeter.com and TWTR.com
  • Firedog – the former Circuit City services unit
  • Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals – includes trademarks and domains
  • Sleep Health Centers – Trademarks and domains including sleeppartners.com and sleepandyou.com
  • TennisFoxes.com and other Tennis related domains
  • 1‐800‐MyPills.com and 1‐800‐Gifts4U.com – Packages include vanity phone numbers and domains
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  1. Slightly bizarre auction – a mix of top grade domains and names that probably wouldn’t even get re-registered if they dropped. Same problem happens at domain conferences and in other auction venues as well – there seems to be a (misguided) need to have “something at every price range” but there’s no real halo effect in that mixing good stuff and junk leaves… good stuff and junk.

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