Guardian Podcast Discusses Domain Names


The Guardian published a podcast about domain names, and I think it’s worth the 25 minute listen on your way to work or when you have some time. The free podcast is part of the publication’s Chips with Everything series from Jordan Erica Webber.

The basis for the coverage about domain names and domain name values is the upcoming auction of the domain name. In fact, the podcast introduction is an interview with the owner of, discussing what the website was about and why the domain name is coming up for auction.

The podcast is not just about the auction though. It discusses a variety of topics about domain names, including what a domain name is, how valuable domain names are, and a bit of history about domain names. It also shares information about how listeners can register or buy their own domain names. The target audience for this particular is not domain investors, and I think it offers some nuggets to help listeners understand why some domain names have great value.

I can not embed the podcast within this blog post, but you can hear it either by visiting The Guardian website or by downloading it on your favorite podcast platform.

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  1. This intro to domains is “meh” . Maybe a more experienced person could explain things a little better.

    They mention that the average price tag for a domain has fallen ? Has it really ?
    I also don’t think the explanation of why the price tags have fallen is any good : people aren’t choosing “non-words” to avoid high costs any more than they have in the past (think Napster, Digg, etc . The new TLD argument is also BS. Yes you created more real estate but the demand is still low there.

    PS nobody registered ??

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