May Great Domains Auction Nets $175k


Sedo’s May Great Domains auction ended last week, and the converted total sales value in USD was $174,838.09. The largest sale was for $62,000. Several three letter .com domain names sold in this auction for fairly solid prices considering the letters.

I believe this is one of the most successful Great Domains auctions in a while, with the exception of the auction that included the sale of (for over $250,000). Listed below are the sales from this month’s auction. 62000 $US 10099 £ 10000 EUR 9976 EUR 9300 EUR 9100 EUR 8600 EUR 5655 EUR 5099 $US 5000 $US 4200 EUR 1550 $US 1200 EUR 1049 $US 910 £ 810 $US 800 EUR 799 EUR 616 $US 499 EUR 496 $US 412 $US 410 $US 410 £ 260 $US 250 $US 250 $US 239 £ 170 $US 130 $US 119 EUR 119 $US 109 EUR 109 $US 99 $US 99 $US 99 EUR 99 $US 99 EUR 99 $US 99 $US


  1. is a serial seller. I recall it selling on Francois site, and there was no verification of it there. I also recall it selling a few more times since then. Therefore, there should be some type of government verification of these sales claims by these after market sites. Just my opinion.

  2. Hi Elliot! You have more experience than me. This is what is happening: I have a domain name that is parked with a domain name parking company. This is a dot co domain and it has never received visitors/traffic since I parked it, about 3 years ago, but today all of sudden it started receiving visitors, I saw about 140 visitors today, and all of them coming from one country only. What do you think may be the reason why this is happening??

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