Poll: Would You Report Invalid Contact Information to ICANN?


Earlier today, I shared information about how people can report domain names to ICANN when the Whois contact information is inaccurate. Although most of the commenters didn’t seem to like the idea of doing this, Abdu Tarabichi thought it might yield a more accurate response with an anonymous poll, and I agree with him.

Would you report a domain name to ICANN for having invalid contact information (like bouncing email address or disconnected phone numbers) in an effort to acquire the domain name? As I mentioned in the post this morning, I personally wouldn’t, but it’s more a matter of being better able to track down and contact the owner instead of taking the chance that the domain name is deleted and available for others to buy.

Your turn to vote anonymously:


    • A funny thing is, you won’t even know who exactly filed that inaccurate WHOIS report. Unless the registrar forwards the reporting person’s details, they’ll only tell you that someone made that report and to respond to it ASAP.

  1. LOL, you attract all types E.

    Personally I would not only because as a bit of a softy I would never try to do anyone harm, even if they kind of deserved it. I believe you reap what you sow.

  2. Still milking this email/ICANN issue. Move on to another topic. Many domain investors who finally reach the owner will send them low ball offers. It is a waste of their time.

    Why use the rule to your advantage to jeopardize another owner who deserves to own a domain? It is ridiculous to think this is right.

    If you report this owner, then you have a good chance to lose any chance at acquiring the domain. What thrill do you get from seeing a domain owner losing their domain name?

    • If you want to move on, there are plenty of other blogs / sites to read.

      I think the poll results show why it was interesting. From the comments, it seemed like almost everyone is against this practice (myself included), but almost 1/3 of the people who voted would do it.

      A poll like this allows people to passively weigh in when they wouldn’t otherwise comment.

    • In my opinion, any domain investors partaking in this ICANN reporting strategy to jeopardize domain owners are just as bad as cybersquatters and reverse domain hijackers.

      Abdu should read his own post on his personal website from Dec 27, 2011. He wants people to be fair, but then takes part in reporting domain owners who have a right to own their domain name. They paid the price to own the domain.

  3. Personally, invalid email address or non working phone number registered in a domain will not do any harm to anyone, unless that the website or domain name is generally involve in a scam or fraud, then it should be reported to IcANN, but to get rid of domainers that usually sending offers, calling in an unexpected time, or situation then the domain owners has all the rights to provide an invalid information, simply because they don’t want to sellany of their domains.

  4. Registrars that push domains to auctions and earn a percentage will jump at the chance of putting a legal lock on a domain if they thought it was valuable, Give them an excuse and they’ll run with it.

    Protect your domains, keep your information accurate and DON’T use Registrars that push domains to namejet, snapnames or pool.

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