GoDaddy Job Opening: Vice President of Asia


GoDaddy’s Paul Nicks posted an interesting job opportunity on LinkedIn that may be of interest to someone who reads this blog. GoDaddy is seeking to hire a company Vice President of Asia. GoDaddy is looking to build a strong market position in Asia, and this hire will be helping to lead the company.

According to the job opening on the GoDaddy careers page, “The Vice President of Asia is on point to build a market-leading position for Go Daddy in Asia and China by delivering compelling end-to-end experiences for small business supported by world-class go to market activities offering SMB solutions and platforms.

It seems pretty clear that GoDaddy is eager to grow its business and presence abroad. The company has made efforts to focus on India’s domain market, and this job description seems to show that the company is intent on establishing a strong presence in Asia. Interestingly, according to a article, it seems that GoDaddy stopped allowing customers to register .CN domain names back in 2010 due to governmental concerns. I don’t know if their position has changed or if there are plans to change that.

This position will be based on Shanghai, China, and it seems like it is the only China-based job opening the company is currently advertising. The job listing has the responsibilities for the person who will be hired for this role, but it does not seem to have information about the experience the company is looking for in the person who will be hired. The salary and compensation package for this position were not published, so you’ll need to contact the company for more information about this.

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