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You can learn quite a bit of information from public companies who must disclose just about every thing that could have an implication on the value of the company. Because of this, it’s a smart idea to follow the filings of various domain companies so you can read up on company filings, rather than rely on blogs and other news outlets who may or may not report on certain events/filings.

Some publicly traded companies that are required to make public filings that are related to the domain industry include the following (please let me know if I missed any company):

Top Level Domain Holdings
Dark Blue Sea

In order to follow these companies, I set up a stock portfolio in Yahoo specifically with domain industry related stocks. This allows me to see where they are trading as well as news reports and SEC (or other) filings. Don’t simply rely on others’ interpretations of news – and don’t get delayed news reports that fly under the radar (domain sales for example).

Follow these and other related companies and be more informed as a result.

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  1. owns many domains – their brand RenovationExperts has many domains, they purchased or

  2. they also have – which is one of the two public pay per lead companies – along with IAC and their,,,, etc brands.

  3. “they also have – which is one of the two public pay per lead companies – along with IAC and their,,,, etc brands.”

    Are you sure that actually sells per lead? Last I talked to them they were just a PPC company that branded themselves as a lead generation company.

    I know it would seem apparant that sold leads, but I think that the truth of the matter is that they do not sell leads, they just sell PPC campaigns.

  4. Yes, my friend started the company and another friend runs their PPC campaigns. They sell a bundled package that includes leads, clicks, and inclusion in directories. That is why they operater They also bought Renex – which is a pure lead gen company. also operates

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