Domain Name Sales: Always Test


One of the most important aspects to a direct marketing campaign is to always test everything. Whether you’re testing your offer, your message, your listing, or your creative, you should always be testing everything to see what provides a lift and what is hurting your campaign. I think we should do the same with domain name sales.

This week, I started to hand off warm leads on inbound inquiries generated from my Internet Traffic and Domain Name Sales landing page. I pride myself in being able to find out who is inquiring about my domain names while extracting the highest price possible. There is a pretty large list of domain brokers who are available to close deals on the DNS platform, so I am going to give the DNS brokers a try.

Sometimes I feel like I am a bit too close to the inventory to objectively price my domain names. Yes, it would be nice to get $75,000 for a particular domain name, but maybe it’s really only worth $40,000. A broker can advise as well as negotiate on my behalf in order to close the deal.

I hate chatting on the phone, unless it’s a discussion I want to have. Using a broker opens this channel of communication when I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to do it myself. I know it’s an effective way to discuss and close a deal, so it’s great to have this negotiation tool.

A little over a month ago, I had a $20,000 deal on DNS, and the buyer didn’t end up paying for it. I would assume the DNS broker has access to back end information about buyers and they might be able to see if a buyer has the potential to back out of a deal. If that person had agreed to 5 other deals and never paid, they might be able to save all of us time and cut off the negotiation. In this business, there aren’t many worse feelings than closing a large deal and having the buyer back or not pay.

The nice thing about DNS is that I can monitor the progress of negotiations to see where things stand. I can also assist the broker if I see something of interest – perhaps additional information about a new service or that the buyer has funding.

I haven’t yet closed a deal with the assistance of a domain broker on DNS, but I will be sure to provide an update with results when I have more insight. If you’ve worked with DNS brokers or another broker on DNS, I welcome you to share your personal experience.


  1. Elliot, Have you assigned DNS as your to broker all your domain inquiries or only once you receive an inquiry, do you then assign it to a broker for further negotiations.

    Just opened up an account with them 2 days ago so don’t know much about their platform.

    • No… Just handing off some of them to see how they do. I also gave them a couple of older inquiries where I didn’t get a response. Perhaps they’ll turn a cold lead into a sale.

  2. Thank you Elliot for giving our Brokers a chance to earn your business. We welcome anyone who would like to assign us all or just one lead to prove our worth and most importantly the VALUE our Brokerage offers. Please email me if you have an account or would like an account to have our Brokers prove that we are worth every penny.

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