Daily Poll: Will Super.com be the Largest Sale of 2018?


So far to date, the $1.2 million sale of Super.com is the largest public domain name sale of 2018. Super.com sold via the NamesCon auction at the end of January, and the sale closed a few days ago, as reported on TheDomains.com.

The largest public domain name sale of 2017 was the $2.89 million sale of Fly.com. There were five other public sales for $1 million or larger in 2017.

Today’s daily poll asks if you think the $1.2 million sale of Super.com will be the largest of the year. Vote in the poll below and feel free to share additional thoughts in the comment section.


  1. The crypto-currency market could provide fuel for higher sales.

    Hard to say, but it really depends on what ultra premium domains go to sale during the next two quarters.

    • And for the record, that’s still a big bargain price for a domain like that. Yes.com is worth at least 8 figures; anything less is a bargain. The “bargain” level should have been at least high 7. But yes, we still like to see news like that.

    • “around 4.5 million Euros”

      I don’t think Ron Jackson and other outlets are going to record that unless they get proof and know the exact figure.

      There are a fair amount of 7 figure deals that happen every year that don’t get reported. In this poll, I was referring to publicly reported sales.

    • Well, I can track this sale by myself, that’s why I mentioned it, I don’t need Ron Jackson or anyone else to know it was sold and for how much.
      And keep in mind that sometimes also “tracked sales” (per your definition) can be suspicious … 🙂

  2. Not sure why, but I’ve had more domain sales in 2018 (and just 2 months in) than all of 2017 — and all to end-users.

    Maybe domains are back “in”? 🙂

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