Daily Poll: Best Contact to Sell a Domain Name?


Many domain investors rely on outbound emails to sell domain names. One question people regularly ask is who to email at a larger company. Do you send an email right to the CEO? Do you send an email to the CTO?

Selling a domain name isn’t an easy, but it is much more challenging when emails aren’t sent to the right people. Today’s daily poll asks who the best person to email is when trying to sell a domain name to a large company:

Thanks to Francois for submitting this suggestion to me.

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  1. I send solicitations to the CEO, CMO and CFO and if there is a C-Suite person in charge of ‘Digital strategy’; I contact them as well. Historically, the shortest tenured C-Suite officer is the CMO. Hence, I target them for follow-up because purchasing the right digital asset can save his/her job…

  2. It really depends on the size of the company. A Fortune 100 company CEO or CMO rarely will respond to inquiries from brokers or domain owners. If it’s a Fortune 500 company (but not in the top 100) I suggest contacting the CMO. Startups with funding – always CEO. Private companies — CEO or President.
    I do very little outbound email marketing, as the conversion rate is not that great, but the few times I’ve succeeded this year was via contacting the CEO of companies with funding of at least 30 million USD. I received responses from the CEO who then turned it over to the COO for negotiating, transfer, etc — often this involved a Skype call meet and greet upon their request,

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