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i.CO Auction: Bidder Deadline January 21

Snapnames/Moniker will be auctioning off the single letter domain name, i.CO at the beginning of February. In order to bid, entities must be pre-approved by January 21, 2011 – less than 10 days away. If you want to bid but aren’t approved, it looks like you’ll be SOL.

The private auction  will open online on Thursday, February 3, 2011 and conclude at 3:15 pm (US) Eastern time on Thursday, February 10, 2011. Bidding can be done online at Snapnames.

i.CO, or by contacting Moniker:  sales@moniker.com or (800) 688-6311.

According to the press release,

“I.CO is one of the shortest and most memorable URLs in existence,” said Juan Diego Calle, CEO and founder of .CO Internet S.A.S.   “This is an exceptionally valuable piece of Internet real estate, and the teams at SnapNames and Moniker have set up an outstanding auction process to alert and engage the right buyers.”

The .CO Registry has allocated only a few single-letter domain names to date, several of which have enjoyed high-profile success, including Twitter’s t.CO and GoDaddy’s x.CO, both used as branded URL shorteners, and Overstock’s o.CO, which is replacing Overstock.com as the company’s primary brand for all of its international websites.

e.CO was sold by Sedo last year for $81,000, and the domain name is currently up for sale. Interested buyers can visit e.CO to contact the domain owner. I understand the owner is considering offers of $350,000 or higher at the present time.

Go Daddy Sponsors .ME College Scholarship Give Away


.ME college scholarship

I heard about something pretty cool, and I thought it might be of interest to you if you know someone in college or thinking about going to college. Go Daddy is sponsoring a $100,000 .ME college scholarship fund, and the company will be giving away 10 college scholarships.

Here’s what the Go Daddy website has to say about the newly announced Go Daddy Scholars program:

“Do you have what it takes to be a Go Daddy Scholar? We want to know how  the Internet or Internet technology (e.g., websites, blogs, forums, social media,  etc.) has helped you during the course of your studies. Have you used the  Internet to advance your athletic, artistic or intellectual pursuits? How do you  envision benefitting from it through college and beyond? Tell us in 500 words  or less and you can become one of 10 Go Daddy Scholars to receive $10,000  for your college tuition.”

The submission start date is January 10, 2011, and all submissions must be received by March 31, 2011 at 11:59 pm (PT). The winners will be announced on or around April 25, 2011.

There are a few requirements of applicants, in addition to the essay. Applicants must have a 3.0 or higher high school GPA, ACT score of 18+ or SAT score of 860+, and references from two people (not family members).

I think it’s very cool of the company to offer scholarships like this, especially given the tough economy and increasing college tuition costs. It’s also a great way to promote the .ME extension, since this will surely get some mainstream press.

Overstock Unveils New O.CO Logo


This isn’t really breaking news considering the previous reports about Overstock’s rebranding of its international sites as O.CO, but I think it’s pretty interesting for some of the naysayers to see.

In the opinion of some, the O.CO acquisition for $350,000 was simply an anticipatory investment to help the company acquire the highly prized O.com domain name when (and if) it eventually becomes available. The company filed for a trademark in that respect, and owning O.CO might be one way to reaffirm it’s rights in the “O” brand.

As someone commented in a previous article, Overstock has unveiled a new logo for its international division. There’s no longer any speculation about the brand – they are now fully known as O.CO internationally.

Perhaps this is because the term “overstock” doesn’t translate well in other languages, but the company still wanted to retain a similar branding. Maybe they wanted a unified international brand no matter which market their buyers are in?

Whatever the case is, the O.CO brand is here to stay, and I think this will help reinforce that .CO domain names are mainstream. Incidentally, there will be an auction for i.CO at Sedo Snapnames in the next few weeks.

I’ve mentioned this a number of times, but as a disclaimer my company owns a grand total of 6 .CO domain names (Bahamas.CO, cmm.CO, Elliot.CO, Torah.CO, Another.CO, and Beeb.CO), and .CO has been an advertiser.

Register .TV Domain Names for $10.99


I have always been a .COM guy, and I don’t own any .TV domain names yet. I have heard quite a bit about .TV domain names as an investment though, and I know that a number of my colleagues and friends own some high value .TV domain names.

Mike Berkens recently  turned down $125k for D.TV, and my friend Thunayan seems to own something like half the alphabet in single letter .TV domain names (S.TV, O.TV, H.TV….etc). It’s safe to say that there has been some significant investment in the secondary .TV market.

As you can see to the right of this post, Name.com is currently offering .TV registrations for $10.99 a year. I did some looking around at popular domain registrars, and it appears that this is the best deal around. Godaddy charges $39.99 a year, Moniker charges $12.99 a year, and Enom seems to charge $49.99 in my Enom Central account.

I don’t know if there are still good quality .TV domain names available to register, but the price of .TV domain names at Name.com seems to be the best around right now.

Big Coup for .ME Registry with AOL’s About.ME Acquisition


Back in October, I wrote about a new website that offered splash landing pages for personal profiles. About.me offers neat customization options for people to create cool looking landing pages.

About.me was in beta until about a week ago when they went live across the board, and according to reports, there were about 400,000 people who signed up for the beta round. Credit blogs like TechCrunch and sites like Twitter for helping to rapidly spread the word about the startup.

According to a new blog post and video interview on TechCrunch this afternoon, About.me just announced that it was acquired by AOL. That sure was fast. The company apparently signed a letter of intent back in November, but the deal was just announced today. Terms of the deal were not released, but TC guessed that “it’s in the tens of millions of dollars.”


This is pretty big news for the .ME domain registry because it puts a .ME domain name in the spotlight. I don’t think I own a .ME domain name, but I would think domain names terms like Love.ME, Find.ME, or Meet.ME would be in higher demand now.  Love.ME and Find.ME are domain names owned by the registry, so perhaps news like this will encourage them to auction some of the premium reserved names more quickly.

I certainly don’t think this announcement means all .ME domain names are worth more, but it does put .ME more on the map. I know of a few other pretty big deals but don’t think they’re public. If a name makes sense as a .ME, then perhaps this sale will increase interest.

Leverage the .CO Godaddy Super Bowl Commercial to Sell Domain Names


Godaddy Super Bowl CommercialAccording to a post on the .CO Registry’s blog, Godaddy will use at least one of its Super Bowl commercials to inform consumers about .CO on the massive stage that is the Super Bowl. Each year, millions of people across the world watch the Super Bowl, and advertising on it was one of the primary ways Godaddy first became a household name.

One can assume that when the Godaddy Super Bowl commercial mentioning (or featuring) .CO domain names airs, a lot of people will be interested in learning more about .CO domain names. They will visit Godaddy.com, and they will search for their favorite .CO domain names, hoping to register them.

Since there are now over 600,000 .CO domain names registered, I would imagine most people will find their coveted .CO domain names previously registered by others. Many of these domain names are probably owned by domain investors, and some of those names may actually be for sale, although consumers most likely wouldn’t know that or wouldn’t know to look.

It might be a very smart idea for you to list your .CO domain names for sale on Godaddy’s sales platform, where your name may be seen if a visitor searches for it or for something similar. The sales commission rate is very high at 30%, but when you consider the potential exposure, it’s not so bad.

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