Social Networking is Key Element of Building Your Website


For my blog, I am somewhat active on Twitter, although I generally use it as a means to communicate outwardly rather than having a discussion with others. I’d say that about 60% of my posts are “Tweeted” by me shortly after posting, and I get a bit of traffic as a result. With so many balls in the air, I don’t really have enough time to check in with Twitter very often.

A while back, I set up Twitter accounts for,, and, and I still update them occasionally using CoTweet. I didn’t bother to set them up for other websites of mine, figuring it wasn’t necessary. Well, that assumption was pretty wrong.

Today, I decided to open a Twitter account for, and within an hour or so of setting it up, I had two new registrations and one paid listing. I don’t have a lot of followers yet, but I am now following quite a few people. It seems that when you start out, you end up following a lot more people than people who follow you, but with a bunch of people automatically following their followers, you can build up quite a number of followers.

Instead of having to laboriously search through Twitter to find related businesses to follow (dog walkers and pet sitters), I noticed that one company had a list of hundreds of pet care companies, so I just followed all of them. I don’t expect to “Tweet” much, but I might give special offers on Twitter – like donating $10 to local non profits of a new advertiser’s choice.

The total time it took to set up was under an hour, and I expect this to help generate business. Sometimes the most obvious things are missed, and I certainly missed it with some of my newer websites.

Yes, this idea is pretty obvious right now, but even smart people who know this sh*t need to be reminded every once in a while.

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  1. Great reminder though I mean setting up a twitter account takes no time at all and even if it just leads to small jump in traffic and a few more paid listings it is totally worth it.

    • One thing I didn’t mention in the article is that Twitter is great for transactional websites where people sign up for business listings. With my blog, an interesting Tweet might result in a comment from someone who sees it. With a transactional site, it might end up in a sale.

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