Awesome New Website Events Calendar


For a while, I wasn’t happy with the event calendars on,, and Because of the way the default calendar was used, I couldn’t index event listings, and there were also duplicate page issues due to the functionality. The calendar featured pop-up events, and when a visitor clicked anywhere on the calendar, he was taken to a main calendar page that listed all events. As soon as the event passed, the event was removed from the site.

As a result of this set up, events were prevented from being indexed in Google. Organizations were still happy to be listed because it provided good coverage for a few days before the event, but it was far from optimal. With these issues in mind, I wrote a post on the private domain forum Domain Boardroom, and I posted a request on the blog as well. Mike St. John, a programmer and domain investor responded, and he was able to change my calendar from average to fantastic using his tremendous programming skills.

Not only am I able to index each event separately (allowing me to email links to people and post them on social networking sites like Twitter), my events are now indexed in Google. Literally a half hour after launching the new calendar, I received my first Google Alert with a calendar event listed.

When you have a chance, check out for the “before” calendar, and then check out or for the “after.” If you happen to see something funky, please let me know as there may be a couple of hiccups here and there.

I know this change is going to drive more traffic to the site, and it’s going to make a whole lot of organizations and businesses appreciate the extra event exposure.   I really appreciate Mike St. John’s help for all of his hard programming work because the “what you see is what you get” calendar that I had was turned into an awesome traffic generating device. If you have any programming needs, I would use him again in a second.

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